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Technically speaking - are we not all a form of the media, here at Appleinsider. Admittedly, most of us don't have blogs, but we have opinions, which we express very 'freely' and punctiliosly (gotta love that word, yeah, I know it's not a 'real' word, however, I'm a member of the 'press' so piss-off!) SO WHERE'S OUR bloody INVITES!
Thank you for your timely comments, I havn't ventured into the 'Ireland thing' and I'm very glad I didn't. You have put 'it' far more punctilious (and eloquently) than I could hope to. Kudos
Well - good point, however, I've seen some dumb stuff flying across users screens. What about Flying Toasters - that'd be a GREAT IDEA ?
Though not strictly a comment on the article, what this does say, VERY LOUDLY, is become an App developer (developer - developer - developer) AND MAKE BUCKETS of M-O-N-E-Y The title, of the link below, is 10 Worst Tech Predictions and the gist of the story is "do whatever it takes to get in on the App revolution" and the guy only wants $US79.00 for the whole story yeah - right! or buy an App? - or invest in one - or MARRY A DEVELOPER...
When did drums go out of fashion in NZ ??
And your somewhat confusing post has something to do with the iPhone's dominance in Oz? Regardless of our 'insignificant' head count, the numbers show what would happen in the US when the iPhone can be purchased from Verizon, T mobile and others. If you don't have an iPhone, in Australia, you're in the minority.
meh I guess it is amazing when compared to HP's effort - is that windows on a tablet - AGAIN However, I just can't go past an 11" screen that runs OS X and has a K E Y B O A R D C'mon Apple I ordered my Air yesterday - I want it yesterday.
You 'Sir' have no God damned idea of what you speak. Yeah right, it was Apple's idea to get a product to the consumer that's as cheap as possible. Nothing else - just cheap. Like the iPod and iPhone - no thought whatsoever for UI or functionality. Yep, your spot-on there mate. Oh, BTW - you're an ill-informed idiot. Other than that, have a nice day
he he Nice one Mr U
Right on! - Komrade! Damn those bourgeois consumers!
New Posts  All Forums: