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ahhh MOEW ;-) the opinions of the small mind, he he
now now children ;-) you should try and come up with something a little more intelligent, stop relying on your older siblings, they're also benighted.
umm OK ....You want to be baloney (sorry, I had spell checker on the iPhone - stupid thing inserted that instead Ballmer)hehe
C'mon, that's pretty lame, isn't it?I mean he's not really that fat....oh wait.hehe
I know what I am, but what are you.
Speaking of layers - attempting to change the settings on the very latest NOKIA will snap off your 'pointing' finger - apparently
yeah, I was gonna put a positive spin on it too
You're kidding? Newtron - are you still here? Don't you have somewhere / anywhere to go? It's OK to be somewhere else, we'll be fine.
Yeah Apple - take that! You're shinny screen is a POS! OTH - we don't have any 'apps' or color (to speak of), not much of anything - to tell the truth, we're a bit jealous. As Ballmer said "you're selling more iPads than we'd like" - so we 'junk-bonded' the price of our Kiddy - and now we're gonna nail ur ass to the wall - so there!
I wish I had Grandkids, my children (and step-children) are all happily 'engaged' in other seemingly useless activities! \
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