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thank you for your considered input. dipstick
Who asked the EU? and What was the question? Are they including click2flash in this incredulous waste of time? It's the most popular way to 'block' flash. Investigate this! PU
hehe, Bias much? All 'Phone' launches are attempting an "Apple-Like" Buzz, where have you been?
Good thought, as a supposed business phone many companies will insist on it however, trying to be all things to all people doesn't appear to be ground breaking. I'll admit I'm a 'fanboy' but I'm yet to see a truly innovative idea from the 'iPhone killers'
WOW RIM a phone with a keyboard, a touch screen AND an optical 'trackpad' couldn't make up your mind? or suffering from an identity crisis? I wouldn't like to pull that thing out of my pocket
gee - Hilarious DaHarder [CENTER]" Childish Intimidation, Harassment, & Bullying Is Futile - Remember: Your View-Point Is Not The Only Perspective. "[/CENTER](unsurprisingly) you're wrong about MSoft - they have an installed base of Business users for their version of Mac OSX (Win7 ?)HOWEVER - MSoft do not have the luxury of anything remotely approaching Apple's installed base of iPhone (zunePhone ?), iPad (courier ?) or iPod (zune ?) users. MSoft will NEVER make...
I have to re-quote it!
OMG! really and truly?Anonymous is from the Washington Post? Apologies for being Off Topic and Off Planet - I'm over The Antenna
hey Does anybody really care what the NYT thinks or a some Democratic Senator? No really guys and gals, I'd like to know if Americans give a rat's ass (have the same distrust as Aussies) about The Media and Politicians?
duh...... As if they'd re-call, it's not as if it's a Toyota.
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