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Ballmer, you're an idiot. What will power a slate device running Windows? The Sun? You just don't get it, do you?
Page really expects the tech world to believe this? I can only imagine he's preaching to the lesser lights of the Android community. Anyone who is up to speed on the smallest amount of tech history is not going take this crap seriously. What's he trying to prove? Are Android's devotees this naive? Come on Page, you really don't expect us to swallow this, do you? Idiot.
SHUT UP! My 3G, in low signal area, will show a signal until I pick it up. I am so sick to death over this non- issue. SHUT THE F...K UP! :-)
Now was that really necessary? As for Ballmore, I wonder how the MS Retail 'Enterprise' is working out for him
EDIT: EDIT: Don't make fun of fat drunk people, they may just knock on your front door one day!
You will and MUST learn the way of The Hoff - small (and often drunk) one EDIT: Dumb Ass, it's Lee Majors!
I hope you're right \ I, on the other hand, am a little more pessimistic, the way things are heading I'm beginning to wonder if we'll ever see a new Mac Pro \\
WOW Have a look at the front facing camera, no wonder FaceTime (whatever) makes you appear as though you swallowed a Helium balloon! However, the image sensor on the 5.0M is huge, cool
I thought the United Nations banned them?
Kudos, very clever and to the point. Well put, however, you obviously don't have a job?
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