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" Microsoft has also admitted that it won't be ready to support gyros or digital compasses in Windows Phone 7 at its end of the year launch. " You gotta be kiddin' me MS?.... it's 2010 (2011 by the time WinMo7 gets on board). When are you ever going to catch up? It's not all your fault, is it Ballmer? \
A puerile response
HELP! I have to pay the extra $100.00, having ordered a Mini Server yesterday, can I please entreat one of our generous members to purchase 2/5ths of an APPL share?
What the hell is wrong with the price? In 2 or 3 days I'll have a new mini server with 2 drives and APPLE SOFTWARE! Too expensive - ballderdash - and other, more appropriate, expletives
uhh? - I didn't 'hear' a thing?ghostface must be on another 'level'
This makes we wonder what WE see in our Apple products?In particular an 'Apple Zealot', like myself Why were we drawn to Apple at such an early stage in our computing life, speaking for myself and other users I know.What's so 'special' about us?
***coughcoughgurglef..gbullstcoughcough*** My apologies all, just coughed up my coffee and bagel, excuse me. Back to the subject; Yep, MS is gonna sell all their phones at the (new) Microsoft Retail Store (it is only one store, right?) Where is that store BTW?
O M G we're not going to see APPLESOFT! What are they doing? Maybe they're going to 'do' over Google together? Or just maybe I had one or three many brews tonite chicknmjjjkiiiilgder
I'm sorry Stevie, you are here (at AI Forums) because?
Speaking of little dances, how's the Retail Store working out for you there MS?
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