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" - THE iPad Killer"™
OK, you win "The New Dell Losing Streak" - take it with you!! LOL
What's wrong with you?"I can carry a 'steak' everywhere"it's gotta be betta EDIT: "The New Dell Steak" - take it with you!
An iPad gives you credibility!
APPL market cap $218B MSFT market cap $224B remember when this was unheard of? heheLOL perfect, just sooooooo perfect
Zillions of WinMo 7 'smart' phones, I'm sorry, you're kidding yourself, it's too late for MS. So RIMM have to come up with something fast to maintain their 'installed user base' and yet, Nokia can come to the market with their old OS and keep their market share (increase it in the US yet) because of Nokia's 'installed user base'. Not to mention the recent sacking of 90% of the decision makers and starting again. I see what you've done there. NOT!
Ohh ohh I can, I can, MS will NOT win with Baldmar's strategy!
No, to tell you the truth I can't possibly imagine the 12 month result on GOOG after Baldmar stamped them with the same business acumen he's given MS. Unimaginable!I get it now, it's where the MS idea for the original brown color came from, right? An exiting prune. LOL
Quit your bellyaching, so far YOUR 12 month return on APPL is 98%! and GOOG? after 12 months you could have almost made 20% hehe
O M G ! I hope the Zune doesn't go the way of the courier? It would be the worse possible outcome for the dozens of people that own a Zune HD. What is that BTW? I've never seen a Zune (or HD)
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