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i want to change extension .JPG to .jpg to all my files.. pls guide me how to do it.
I have recently installed windows on my mac using parallels . whenever i open windows , size on macintosh hd info. varies , suppose at 12.pm its 242.8 after 10 min its shows 241.6.. and i havent done anything or installed or saved anything.... pls guide me what is happening .. and hd size keeps fluctuating... \
+can you guys pls explain me... How can i transfer eveyhing exactly as is it from main admin user to another admin user and then delete the main admin user...???
Pls guys help me out .. I have got a new mbp 2.8 ghz/ 4gb. Recently i have found a problem while starting my wifi or connecting internet through cable... Mac hangs for two minutes immediately when i try to connect to internet either wifi or cable. So somebody suggested me to turn off airport and navigate to macintosh hd/library/preferences/systemconfiguration and remove com.apple.airport.preferences.plist and preferences.plist and then restart the computer and try...
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