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 Indeed I agree.  There is just more hypocrisy on the Android side.  And it's not just the rabid fanbois - it's the media as well.  Look at every time apple releases a new product or feature.  They rail on it or say it's just a big iPod or whatever.  Bottom line is Apple thinks its innovations completely through and is not just responding to nor even overly caring about what others do.  That is why companies, for the most part, follow Apple's lead, with Samsung being the...
Of course they're all getting bullish at the same time.  They want to collectively capitalize on the upswing after collectively pushing down the stock.  What a racket! 
Well no one knows the extent apple is already relying on the 64 bit chip.  The fingerprint sensor and the camera features probably rely heavily on it.  Yes obviously there will be a ton of applications for a 64bit smart phone - just wait to see what the devs cook up.  And as this article points out - there is the usual anti-appletards spouting pablem about how wrong or unimportant apple's breakthroughs are - only to eat their words later as they use apple...
Very good Dan,   You dit it!  This article is a vast improvement over the last few.  You kicked some Andriodian booty and came across as a professional in the process.  That means you are taking the advice of your readers and writing from a more evolved, higher ground.   way to go!
  I know - I thought this is what the apple-hater crowd does.  C'mon Dan we're better than that.  Don't write flame bait or discredit your otherwise effective arguments with juvenile cheerleading and name-calling.  I promise I'll post comments in the more grown up and classy articles - but if you keep on with this one-sided juvenile attitude, then I'l give up and doubt everything you write.
  What is newspaper resolution and more importantly what is newspaper quality?   The quality is significantly less than that of a magazine, and 6 megapixels would likely be more than enough for most newspaper photo resolutions - right?  So with 8 megapixels on the iphone you have room for downsizing which tightens up the image.  And the nominal quality of newspaper photos can easily be attained by the iphone given adequate lighting and minimized motion.
Here here. iOS needs deep down changes. The best thing they could do is develop killer APIs and then showcase them in their core apps. They could create new APIs for inter-application communication and then demonstrate them by consolidating messaging, email, etc per contact - as mentioned in this article. They could also finally provide a SIRI api, BOOST its performance and then integrate it more tightly in more apps. Developers of course would lap this stuff up.
How come we don't see any -> The iPhone is amazing and I'm using this cool iPhone app to type this message! Sent from my Galaxy S4.
  One of the reasons I think that Google gets such support is that they are a whore for so many companies who rely upon them for advertising.  Many of these companies are also tied to or have ownership of media outlets, investment firms, government lobbying, etc.  Therein lies apple's biggest challenge - it is the conglomerate business and advertising as usual good ole bois - whose job it is to manipulate public perception and markets for their own interests.   Apple is...
  True that, they're not making an Andriod version.  What apple needs is ultrafast future iPad and iPad mini that can handle a next wave of high-end console quality games made for it.  That would encourage the purchase the new iPads and further cement iPad's lead.  I think Apple's intense focus and cutting-edge performance with A series chips is one the best things they got going.  Now only if they can get Intel's manufacturing onboard, then game over!    Also new/better...
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