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Ouch, Apple would you stop slamming Sammy. Now ur gonna go for triple the billion dollar damages too! Just stick to tripling in the marketplace instead. Like tripling the graphics speed of the S3 with the iPhone 5. Now hat's the kind of winning I want.
  Agreed!  So far everyone who has made a prediction about how ipads market share would drop has blown it.  Now a new a$$ clown decides to adjust accordingly with the smallest drop in market share yet (over 5 year time span).  He obviously has a better grasp on reality  ;  )
Wow the country which once revolted because of being taxed is now the heaviest taxer in the world!  Today we revolt when others don't do as they should and bend over, as it were, for the King and his military.   I'm sure our forefathers are spinning in their graves.
  Well all i could find for mac sales is that by May 2010 the number of Mac users was at 93.96 million - the report said that the number had doubled from three years prior!  Wow that kind of increase is hard to believe.  Anyway the Mac continues its long-held, industry-leading rate of ascent.   All the concerns about market share of Mac are becoming increasingly less relevant.  In fact, I feel that the Mac OS (especially now that its being coupled with iOS) has...
Holy mother of someone else's God that's a lot of iPads. But I'm gonna go out on an apple tree limb and agree with you. Given Apple's market growth trends and iPad 2 sales (as you mention) - 100 million is in the realm of probability.
Depends on which kind of mate he wants to attract. Komodo dragon women would be all over him.
Not sure if anyone said this but you can use the free Dragon Go for iP4 which is better than siri for iP4 - in my experience.
What matters for Apple, to keep its dominace, is to continue growing their market share enough so that developers continue to author for apple first. As we are seeing that market percentage doesn't need to be that big - cause those that buy apple are much more likely to buy apps. Of course as Microsoft has already demonstrated in the pc wars, the other key is to provide a great development environment/tools. And apple has got that in spades with iOS. They just got to...
Be proud, you seem to be the one person standing up for Google - so kudos they need help. Theft: "A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent." Criminal act: "Criminal act is an act committed by a person that violates a law and which is punishable by the government." OK I know that in our society we like to refer to people with less money who commit acts of "physical" crime as thieves and criminals. That just shows our...
Knowingly ripping off patented material is maybe a tiny bit evil. Trying to cover it up is perhaps a little bit more evil.Attacking other companies, whose IP you knowingly stole from, is full on evil. Especially as you undermine them by giving away their IP for free. And to take evil over the top, then you tell the world that you do no evil while tricking hordes of mostly young opensource fans by advertising your sinister IP scheme under the guise of OPEN.I say YES -...
New Posts  All Forums: