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Be proud, you seem to be the one person standing up for Google - so kudos they need help. Theft: "A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person's consent." Criminal act: "Criminal act is an act committed by a person that violates a law and which is punishable by the government." OK I know that in our society we like to refer to people with less money who commit acts of "physical" crime as thieves and criminals. That just shows our...
Knowingly ripping off patented material is maybe a tiny bit evil. Trying to cover it up is perhaps a little bit more evil.Attacking other companies, whose IP you knowingly stole from, is full on evil. Especially as you undermine them by giving away their IP for free. And to take evil over the top, then you tell the world that you do no evil while tricking hordes of mostly young opensource fans by advertising your sinister IP scheme under the guise of OPEN.I say YES -...
You need to correct your signature - Steve in 2012: iCloud, not our finest hour - He was referring to mobileme not icloud. You don't want to googlize reality do you?
Not sure how that would affect how long of a charge you would get versus one single battery of the same capacity. Can see however how that might affect the overall longevity (read years of life) of the jelly roll design by intelligently conditioning by topping off and draining specific ones.
Yours is the best comment yet. Apple has slowly and strategically built its position in the marketplace and now we are beginning to see just how integrated and synergistic their multi-tiered approach is. The last butt hurt left from MS domination now fades into distant memory as the post-pc juggernaut now can not be stopped.
I do not agree with that statement unless you are referring specifically to the corporate market and even that might be open for debate in the future.Apple has completely dominated MS in the high-end and now in the low end it is coming after them with the iPad. Along with their ecosystem Apple represents a serious threat to business as usual at MS.Balmer is much more than raging chunk-o-chub - he is the standards bearer of MS that will milk their market position and...
I think that when considering "the supply wall" it is important to remember that apple is holding back its product volume in certain markets. I think that if there were more supplies and assembly capacity apple would be able to move lots more.
September looks to be a loaded as it is with iPhone 5 and iOS 5. Announcing the iPad 2+ might steal limelight and would be, as others mentioned, a bit uncharacteristic of apple. So i'm leaning toward no new iPad release - but the synching up the release schedule with holiday shopping season makes a whole lot of sense to me.
How about copying Lion to a disk after it is downloaded? Is that something that can be done? I wouldn't know since i haven't used the mac app store and are unaware of any technical hurdles in the way.
Please know that us apple fans, especially the ones who have been around for a while, are wounded from our past of being MS underdogs. Now we're relishing in our market dominance and feel good when other companies product sales suck compared to apple's. Logically, there is little threat to apples position - at least for a good while. However apple fans are so wounded that some of us want to completely crush anyone who "might" threaten our dominance - even though lots of...
New Posts  All Forums: