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You are either a very bad troll or a stawmam or you are being sarcastic. But I can't resist - I sure hope you got a bunch of RAM in your awesome tablet to handle your next generation os. Oh and I'm sure the game developers would agree with you regarding how great the os is - its soooo next generation.
Easy tiger - 4G seems to be very competitive upgrade when it gets more widely rolled out. And you'll only have to wait one week for your Xoom to return with the 4G upgrade.Analyst say that the Xoom is the first true competitor for the iPad and it will truly shine someday when apps get written for it. Some geeks will buy it now because they're geeks and can wait for someday. The only danger i see is that the non-geeks who do not know any better will buy it and have a...
Hopefully Final Cut is enough of a jaw dropper that we can use it instead of after effects to animate a jaw working on your face. There in lies the key for me - are we going beyond the keyframe metaphor to a more user friendly implementation of Shake's node system? Hopefully the Motion UI got dropped away like your jaw.praise jah
Yes i agree it doesn't add much to their bottom line which is cause for concern. On the other hand i am trusting that apples strategy to build a far reaching ecosystem of products and services might be a saving grace for its pro divisions. Steve-o has carved out some market dominance - albeit in consumer land - and going forward that dominance and the technologies emerging from it will be leveraged for pro solutions. Solutions where pro apps deliver completed media...
Are you suggesting that Apple would forge the top ten list by artificially increasing the rating of their own products. That's plain blasphemy - burn him he's a witch.
Here's the deal - sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C Clarke Now the key phrase here is sufficiently advanced - if apple keeps creating the newest UX and best then they can IMHO call it magic - and we all know that magic comes from the root magi - who were the three wise men. One of those three, if you pull back the hood, you'd discover the ancestor of Steve Jobs and in the manger is a jesus phone!
Good point. I haven't heard much discussion about the importance of iAds. Apple could embed them in movies in an "opt in" way. So you don't have to sit through them - or take some other more engaging approach especially since iOS and apps are part of the mix.Edit - oh by the way, then they could make the show free or much less expensive.
I know word is spreading - primarily from the rabid. It certainly seems that most people who actually "have" iPhone 4 are seeing it as a minor problem in light of the other significant merits of the phone. That being said apple definitely has to do something about it as you mention - the noise chamber alone is worthy of a response with so many of the vocal non-iPhone having crowd want it to fail.
Chambers: "Mr. Jobs tear down this wall !!!" Jobs: "No - flarn filth flarn are better than yours so - flarn!" Chambers: "I would flarn filth flarn , but i can't get over your god damned proprietary wall!" Jobs: "Its your mouth that is proprietary otherwise i'd tear down this wall myself and filth flarn filth!" Chambers: "filth flarn filth flarn filth flarn filth" Jobs: "Just kiddin, flarn filth ls. Last time you did i nearly died from heat exhaustion." Chamber turns away...
Thank you AppleInsider for revealing the real battleground - which is HTML5's Canvas. Can we please talk more about that? A very real concern is how long it will take for 2D animation (eg Canvas) in HTML5 to become a reality. If Microsoft blocks it by not putting it in their IE browser then that is the real blow - adobe is only a secondary problem with its efforts to block it in the HTML5 spec. A solution i see is for Apple to enter some sort of agreement with Microsoft...
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