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Yeah, pretty sure Phil screwed up on stage, the product page says A8, not A8X, so it does not have the Air 2's internals.     However, it does get split screen multitasking, indicating this A8 at least gets 2GB RAM. We'll have to wait on teardowns for that one. The new Apple TV also has 2GB despite the A8. 
   My older laptop has a HD 4570, it works on Windows 10 using the same driver as Windows 8. Default Windows graphics driver works fine for it too, you miss game profiles from a Catalyst driver, but who is still gaming on the 4000 series. 
  I say that's nonsense. Windows trackpad drivers generally aren't near as good as Macbooks under OSX, but the Boot Camp side of it is the opposite story, most native Windows laptops do far better than Apples Boot Camp drivers. Those are a horrible mess of oversensitive taps and drags and no native Windows 10 gesture support.   Trackpad++ can make it much better, but it really should be Apple doing it natively, they advertise Boot Camp as a selling point, so WIndows should...
From the scores it looks like they're continuing to bolster single threaded performance, and it still has two cores. Interesting. I wonder if the Air 2 will forever (or, for near future ever) be the odd man out?     Cool though. I'm glad Apple gets why single threaded performance is still important, and will pay for the die space and research for larger, higher IPC cores. 
I wonder what the chances of an Airport Extreme refresh without having to wait for a new wireless standard are. That is still using Cortex A9 CPUs, has half the RAM of this, and 1/32rd (!!!) the NAND of this.  Not just on a specs sheet, but in most wireless tests it falls quite behind on speed, even with things that aren't so high spec as this OnHub.     
"Beat Intel"...In marketing terms to laymen, maybe. Other fab plants processes are almost always bigger than when Intel advertises the same nanometers. And Intel uses the same process for front end of line and back end of line transistors, while other fabs only use the smallest transistors for front end of line, and use the previous generation transistors for back end.   Meaning Intels transistors are not only smaller and more efficient, but they use the smallest ones...
So which GPUs will support Metal? On iOS, the A5 doesn't support it for instance, so not every mac compatible with 10.11 may support Metal.     And in that case, I wonder what happens to the performance improvements, since most seemed hinged on that. 
    It's a bug with the new Look up, with three finger tap. I'm trying to find how to go back to the old one (the new one includes itunes and stuff), instead of just disabling it. 
How do I go back to the old method of look up, instead of disabling it completely? I'm having the problem where it disables the keyboard every few minutes. 
So these two systems (in the base processor config of each) perform somewhat surprisingly close to each other, despite the low base clock of the Air it can turbo up to nearly the same speed as the turbo on the Pro. The GPU side is similar as well, both have 40EUs, one turbos to 1000MHz and the Pro to an insubstantially higher 1100MHz.  Benchmarks reflect that one too.     What I'm curious about though is long term sustained performance, ie a heavy render, or some light...
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