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  Hm. Even Intel was having so many problems with 14nm they delayed Broadwell way past its due. If TSMC or Samsung launches it when this says, Intels fabrication process lead may be shrinking. 
Wait what? A8 just jumped a fab process, are you sure A9 will be 14nm? A10 is where I would expect that. 
We have a C2D/320M/4GB macbook in the family, just wondering if there would be a performance regression from Mavericks to Yosemite. I realize it's not out yet, but the public beta builds are getting pretty close to the final build, so I think some assessment would be fair. I'm particularly thinking about the graphics, as it uses a lot of transparency effects everywhere, would that make the 320M drop frames everywhere? Anyone using a system with that or a slower GPU on...
"Apple boasts of massive performance improvements in its latest A-series processor up to 84x over the first-generation iPhone" is an absolutely hilarious way to say "25% gain over the prior model". Yeesh, editorial standards. I know this is an apple fan site, but that was practically more over the top than Apples own advertising for it.
A 360 controller clone is exactly what I wanted. Now, for good games to support it.   And still 100 dollars, seriously, what is it with iOS game controllers?
You're right, they must have deliberately paid the manufacturer to make the screen with a lower gamut, so they were actually reducing their own margins with the inferior display. And the processor /is/ the same part as the 5S, which is binned for 1.3GHz. So sore over being proven wrong? I love when people grasp at straws after they are.Unsubstantiated parroting, hah. That's what you were doing, as at least my first post had some proof behind it which was now proven...
So the original comparison seems about right.  http://tablets.reviewed.com/content/ipad-mini-with-retina-display-tablet-review/the-science
And in fact now I can prove you wrongSo the original comparison seems about right. So you keep yapping if you want. http://tablets.reviewed.com/content/ipad-mini-with-retina-display-tablet-review/the-science
So you think they faked the picture just for lulz? Even if they did, have you seen any more objective testing of the color gamut? 
http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad+Mini+Retina+Display+Teardown/19374 So it won't be clocked as high as the Air. I wonder where it will fall on the throttling side of things, as the 5S drops to 1GHz in two minutes. 
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