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A 360 controller clone is exactly what I wanted. Now, for good games to support it.   And still 100 dollars, seriously, what is it with iOS game controllers?
You're right, they must have deliberately paid the manufacturer to make the screen with a lower gamut, so they were actually reducing their own margins with the inferior display. And the processor /is/ the same part as the 5S, which is binned for 1.3GHz. So sore over being proven wrong? I love when people grasp at straws after they are.Unsubstantiated parroting, hah. That's what you were doing, as at least my first post had some proof behind it which was now proven...
So the original comparison seems about right.  http://tablets.reviewed.com/content/ipad-mini-with-retina-display-tablet-review/the-science
And in fact now I can prove you wrongSo the original comparison seems about right. So you keep yapping if you want. http://tablets.reviewed.com/content/ipad-mini-with-retina-display-tablet-review/the-science
So you think they faked the picture just for lulz? Even if they did, have you seen any more objective testing of the color gamut? 
http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad+Mini+Retina+Display+Teardown/19374 So it won't be clocked as high as the Air. I wonder where it will fall on the throttling side of things, as the 5S drops to 1GHz in two minutes. 
I'll be interested in seeing how the CPU and GPU stack up to the Air in clock speed and throttling, the 5S throttled back to 1GHz in just two minutes while the Air did better. Also the Mini has a more washed out screen than the 3/4/Airhttp://www.theverge.com/2013/11/12/5097886/rmini-washed-out-screen   
That memory viewing utility looks cool, I wish the reviewer did more tests with higher end apps with that. Anandtech said the 64 bit apps use about 25-30% more RAM just doing the same things, so with no increase in RAM capacity that worries me a tad. With my 1GB RAM iOS devices it already kicked things out of RAM way more than I wanted. 
It's not FUD if I'm speaking from experience. I'm already annoyed by my 1GB iOS devices.  Bringing up what ancient machines had or games used brings nothing to this discussion. In 2013, 1GB causes Safari to boot tabs out of main memory like crazy, and even one heavy duty modern game will boot all other apps from memory and will reload itself after going to the home screen, that's all I need to know. 
It's using a whole third more RAM for the same things because of 64 bit, that's measured.    http://www.anandtech.com/show/7460/apple-ipad-air-review A lot of disgruntled iPad 1 owners will tell you lack of RAM is it's achilles heel, I hope this 30% increase in its RAM use with no increase in capacity doesn't hurt it. The old 1GB devices already had Safari kicking tabs out of memory way too fast, now it's 30% RAM heavier.    People saying Mavericks like compression...
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