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Doesn't seem likely given power consumptions scaling with clock speeds. Doubling resources is far more efficient than doubling clock speed. And even if it was clocked higher, double the performance of the A7 would merit an X, I would think. 
What, lol...I am happy about it. I'm just curious. Are they just not naming it A*X now, or is it really an A7, in which case how did it double the GPU speed from A6X when the A7 in the iPhone was just about the same? I wouldn't' come to sites like these if "just being happy about it" was enough :P
I'm confused. A7 just bought the iPhone to iPad 4 graphics levels with the A6X (a6X had double the GPU resources of the A6, thus the same-ish performance as the A7 on purely GPU), but they're saying the same A7 doubled it from the iPad 4...? Yet it's not an A7X? 
What are the best games that will work well on 2G touch/equivalent iphone and prior hardware? 
Unless they're changing the size/aspect ratio of the iPad, I don't see the sense in increasing the resolution?
Frankly I don't see much point in positioning an ultralight laptop between the 11" and 13" Macbook Air or 1 inch below the 13" MBP...Are they going to do 14 inches too? There's just not enough difference.
Apple replaced our macbooks battery a few months ago because it had worn to 75% in 700 wear cycles, rather than their 80% in 1000 spec. In just a few weeks and dozen cycles on the new one, it dropped to 90% from 100, then 85% recently in under 200, in just months. I wonder if they'd replace it again? I think the Applecare was just about to run out during the first replacement.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDvB7SYLFgw I'm hoping Mavericks fixes this.   
The 700 GPUs are hardly any faster and based on the same silicon as 600M, Haswell is hardly any faster, and on the low end there may even be a slight drop with the Iris Pro 5200 in more games than not. But I do hope the 13" pro duo get the Iris Pro. They should at least start doing Momentus XT hybrid drives as standard, if they are insistent on 5400rpm laptop drives.
 Who says they have no clue? Just, a lot of it is patent protected. You know, you or I, or especially the likes of AMD, Intel, Nvidia, etc, can decap competitors processors and look at them under a microscope to understand an overview of how they work, it's why they're all fairly straightforward about talking about new architectures when they're out, everyone would find out anyways. But it's the patents that protect doing things certain ways. 
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