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I understand it for some features, but why is the 2'nd gen Touch left out for things like the faster Javascript engine? Especially considering the 8GB model last year was the 2'nd gen hardware, not third, so its still fairly new. That sucks. And they didn't fully fix the slowness issue on iOS4 on the older hardware, apparently they never will.
I would have liked HD3000/320M comparisons in the review
A bug? Its like that in every OSX release. If you look at Windows, if you have a folder full of pictures or something and you resize the window, the icons inside it will re-flow to fit the window perfectly. In OSX when you resize the window it leaves gaps or icons move off-screen.
What fabrication process is this SoC on, anyone know? Still 45nm?
Oh you
Smartphone and PMP sales will hardly impact MS's desktop and laptop stronghold. What you mention is relevant, but not what we were talking about.
30 dollars was only done for Snow Leopard, as it added no new features. Other releases of OSX have been 130.
If by kill you mean give a slight boost to OSX marketshare. Windows isn't going anywhere for years at least, no matter how much we may resent it.EDIT: Unless you didn't mean marketshare by "Kill"
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