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30 dollars was only done for Snow Leopard, as it added no new features. Other releases of OSX have been 130.
If by kill you mean give a slight boost to OSX marketshare. Windows isn't going anywhere for years at least, no matter how much we may resent it.EDIT: Unless you didn't mean marketshare by "Kill"
Haha yeah, where exactly do I apply for the jobs of these "analysts"? Its guesswork, as good as you or I. Like when they were saying the iPad 2 would be dual core, well DUH, every early 2011 tablet was going dual core.
Yeah, but is compositing elements within the browser itself GPU accelerated? Video acceleration within a container is a different matter.For example with FF4 even fonts are done with GPU acceleration through Directwrite on the Windows front.
Yeah, it would be nice but I doubt they will move away from integrated graphics in the Mini somehow.
The NGP uses a MP4, not an MP2. Thats the four core version, it doesn't scale perfectly but should be close to twice as fast as the iPad 2. So can anyone confirm or give speculation that its indeed the MP2 in the iPad 2? The math seems to fit.
Wow, not sure how I missed that. So I guess its actually the first stable release with GPU acceleration? And on Windows too? Thats a shock. Although I'd still avoid it on Windows, on OSX its decent.
Depends what your use for it is. The processor bump is nothing to write home about, but the AMD graphics card in the higher end one is much more powerful with four times the memory and three times the unified shader cores. For games, rendering, video work etc, I'd say its worth it, for general usage like web browsing the lower end one is fine.
New Posts  All Forums: