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So is this an SGX543MP2, do you think? If they say 9x the performance of the first iPad, and the 543 single chip is 4.5 times as powerful according to Imagination, the MP2 seems to fit the bill.
Whats the model of the Xeon? Its an extensive family just like the Core series. Lion's requirements are a Core 2 Duo, so Core Duo's and presumably related Xeon families will be dropped. I guess a quick way to know is finding out if its a 64 bit capable processor, I think thats why the Core Duo's are being dropped.
Anyone know the rationale behind icons not re-flowing to fit a window when you change its size? They stay where they are and move off screen. Any hope of that being changed in Lion?
I've heard of the new additions that will be in Safari 5.1 such as framework level task separation, but when will Safari get GPU acceleration? All shipping macs have capable GPU's. Anyone hear anything? Seems every other browser has a beta out that supports it, but no word from Safari.
Well thats good. The current iOS is rather behind in raw javascript performance. Even compared to phones with slower processors.
I want that more than anything.
Do you think the next Mini refresh will bring the dual core i5 or i7 like in the 13 inch MBP, or the quad core like in the larger ones? I think its historically matched whatever CPU was in the last 13 inch, am I correct? Quad would be sweet though, I just can't justify a dual at the Mini's price. Also, its well past time to make 4GB RAM baseline.
For the majority of users the iMac fits the bill better, but I suppose for some pro users who for instance need workstation graphics cards (which the pro is lacking in anyways, but if they NEED OSX) or ECC memory, the Pro is still needed. I can't imagine volume being very high, but if its still around I guess it means people are still buying it. As for its fate, I'm not certain. Maybe it will be discontinued like the xServe, who knows. That would certainly irk pro...
No, I have no idea about their profit margins. I was just speaking to the statement that the 13 inch MBP and the MBA are probably eating the macbooks lunch in terms of sales, its just not compelling at that price.
Not that I think Apple will do it, but IMO the whitebook is more suited for a lower price like 799.
New Posts  All Forums: