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    This is the same Apple we are talking about, right? Of COURSE they could get away with that. That's not to say that they will.  
Naturally. I'm just responding to the rumor as always. I'd be glad to be wrong. 
Hmm, so that's still dual core, and Iris not-pro 5100 with no eDRAM. Better than I feared, worse than I hoped. I wanted quads across the Pro line, there are quads in the right TDP for it. And the eDRAM only adds a few watts TDP. The CPU won't be much better than IVB, I expected that. I hoped they would either go with more cores for it, or go with GT3e for very decent graphics in the 13". Ah well, there's still battery life gains I guess.
Hmm, I don't think I did anything besides that, I may have removed all extensions, cleared out the cache and everything safari can clear, and then got my extensions back. As I said even the newest release isn't perfect though, just better. 
As I said the last update made it better, it's still not perfectly smooth but it's 70-80% there now. 
Does 10.9 increase IGP video memory for anyone here? This shot is from a forum where someone claimed it did.    http://forums.macrumors.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=416750&d=1370983618   With only 4GB, I would not want that, just for driving the built in display. If it used 1GB on a 16GB machine, sure, go for it. For a low performance GPU like the 4000 that seems wasteful. I wonder if it's dynamic? 
 And Core Duo macs and Core 2 Duo macs with graphics chips with only 32 bit drivers. 
I'm guessing no internal GPU expansion. Thunderbolt handicapped mid range GPU performance let alone high end ones, and Thunderbolt 2 actually has the same aggregate bandwidth, 2x10 and 2x10 up and down vs 1x20 up and down, 40Gb/s each, mind the little B. PCI-E is still way ahead. 
1GB of RAM really isn't enough these days, I really recommend upgrading to the max that machine allows. I don't think matching pairs will be important for that machine as its integrated graphics are low performance to start with, and CPU performance isn't hurt much by non matching pairs. I realize that you were happy with Snow Leopard and Chrome when it was new, but as websites and Chrome itself start using more RAM, things will get incredibly slow when the machine has...
    I'm thinking maybe this is right, if they usually don't transfer data. But it is very noticeably louder, the machine was barely audible before, if I put my ear to it I would hear the faintest hum at most, now both the clicking for seeks and the regular spinning are audible from a standard distance. Maybe the tech left something too tight or loose, or left some rubber gaskets from the screws out or something. 
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