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 Clean install is an idea, but what's the point of zeroing out the hard drive rather than a quick format, which from the computers perspective looks the exact same? Ignoring SSDs for now, of course. 
Just curious. Generally, I know OSX is pretty good at staying quick after upgrade installs. However even after quadrupling my RAM (last unibody white macbook), 10.8 just feels a bit pudgy around the edges (and Windows 8.1 on the same hardware feels very fast), I wonder if a clean install may be the way to go this time, and 10.9 will be a good time to do it. 
Ah, crud. I thought they kept the normal black, and space grey was just new, not a replacement. I wish they kept the black.  Didn't they make this whole deal about the glass pieces being precisely matched to the aluminum, now two of three aren't even the same color? Imo, the white is the only one that looks good now.  And the cases are ugly. But the 5C cases were ten times worse.  http://imgur.com/TQOnc8Q
So, we can be near certain that 32 bit only iOS devices will be the next support cutoff. Just like with OSX with a Snow Leopard like release that thins down the binaries. 64 bit doesn't help the 5S a whole lot today, but it will help it be supported longer when the iPad and everything else move to it. 
Smartphones, or those stupid dumphones by designers that sell for thousands? In any case, the current bestsellers don't have them yet, ie GS4, iPhone 5, One etc. 
http://www.engadget.com/2013/07/22/ubuntu-edge-smartphone/\\\\\\ I don't have a whole lot of faith that ubuntu phones will catch on, but it does look like a sweet piece of kit
The quads would not only include the 5100, but allow an option for the Iris Pro 5200 with that eDRAM cache which makes the same GPU dramatically faster. There are quads in the right TDP, as I said. It is a possibility, I think it's just a matter of who would shoulder the costs. I'd like it there as a BTO option, at least, since Haswell won't have much better CPU performance than IVB core for core clock for clock, the only way to raise performance is adding more cores or...
    This is the same Apple we are talking about, right? Of COURSE they could get away with that. That's not to say that they will.  
Naturally. I'm just responding to the rumor as always. I'd be glad to be wrong. 
Hmm, so that's still dual core, and Iris not-pro 5100 with no eDRAM. Better than I feared, worse than I hoped. I wanted quads across the Pro line, there are quads in the right TDP for it. And the eDRAM only adds a few watts TDP. The CPU won't be much better than IVB, I expected that. I hoped they would either go with more cores for it, or go with GT3e for very decent graphics in the 13". Ah well, there's still battery life gains I guess.
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