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And see, there's already an ultrabook class laptop with that special part with a 28 watt TDP combined with GT3/Intel Iris graphics.  http://www.anandtech.com/show/7035/asus-zenbook-infinity-hands-on-with-the-most-beautiful-notebook-at-computex The 13" MBP using that would be interesting. 
    It's a ~50 watt GPU. I guess they may go one rung lower to keep the wattage lower, maybe 750M which would be the same power draw as the 650 in the current 15". But these new Nvidia chips work differently, the manufacturer actually sets the TDP limits. Like you know how the rMBP 15" had a higher clocked 650M than the regular, and in fact higher than many 660Ms? They could do that the other way here, a 765M could turbo boost up to its maximum clock speeds when the...
That's quite succinct, exactly what I was thinking. I hope Apple doesn't use Haswells better iGPU performance as an excuse to drop discreet cards in the base 15" models, in fact I hope they go the other way, give the 13" a nice quad core and GT3e, while giving the 15" an updated discreet GPU (765M like the Razer Blade 14" already uses at equivalent thinness uses would be nice. ).    And I fail to see how the battery life would be improved by 50% if the CPU constitutes so...
It's possible, I felt fairly sure it was the Hitachi before though, I seem to remember it clearly but if human memories were perfect we wouldn't build computers  Come to mention it, it does look like the tech put on the bottom too tightly rather than too lose, as the rubber around the screw holes towards the trackpad end is raised a bit from the contact with the actual chassis. Hmm. 
Huh, seems much better with 10.8.4, not completely fixed but it's like 80% where I would want it. 
It's interesting to note that the aggregate bandwidth is no different, it was 2x10 now it's 1x20, both directions. 
  That's what I thought, but any idea why they would switch them without mentioning it to me at all? It didn't seem like it was failing, always passed SMART. Did you notice a noise difference between the two? THe Hitachi one in mine I could almost not hear at all, the Toshiba one is fairly noisy. Not the worst I've heard in a laptop, but noisier than most recent HDD macs I've heard. 
Everything is still on it, but this is strange.  I sent our unibody white macbook in for service since it had the service battery warning within the warranty period (it had worn to 75% with only 700 charge cycles, and they say 1000 to 80%...Before you say anything I do do the best practices for lithium ion, avoiding full discharges and keeping the current flowing). That was fine, they swapped that out. However, upon getting it back, I noticed I could hear the hard...
Glad I'm not alone, sorry you're having the problem though. I can't remember if it was there with previous 10.8 releases, can you? 
Everyone wanted the weather icon to reflect the actual temperature, not drop the number altogether.
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