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Glad I'm not alone, sorry you're having the problem though. I can't remember if it was there with previous 10.8 releases, can you? 
Everyone wanted the weather icon to reflect the actual temperature, not drop the number altogether.
C2D 2.4GHz/Nvidia 320M/4GB RAM Safari, even with just a single tab open, is really chunky resizing under ML. I can literally count the frames out while I resize, either with the window edges or the green button. I don't recall this under Snow Leopard. If I just have the new tab window open it resizes quickly, but even one tab (anything, youtube, BBC, you name it) will make it chunky as anything.  Non-safari windows are fine.  Windows on the same system is fast...
But...Why? That's added GPU use and battery drain for forcing more light through less transparent area (more pixels still means more non-pixel area), and for what appreciable benefit? You could argue about arc-minutes and humans theoretically resolving more, but that's a theoretical benefit that almost no one will see. On a 4 inch display, I see little point, only if they scaled it to bigger. The iPad Mini though, THAT needs doubling.
But that's the wonderful thing about it, because of the genitals I was born with I can't see who wrote the reviews or even the content of them. 
Yet they won't pull apps which let people rate your appearance and place not so subtle tags about the size of your private bits and link that information with your facebook account without your consent (they can do that since that "friend" gives consent to give information about their friends list), and is also sexist since only one gender can see the comments, aka Lulu? BWF seems morally superior to that to me, at least in this one it's anonymous and consensual for...
Please let the 13" Retina and non-retina get Haswell GT3e quads.
Somewhat related, I know they replaced discoloring palmrests on older non-unibody macbooks, but I have the newest white unibody macbook and the wrist rest (and markings on the keys faded, and the rubber bottom) have discolored a lot. It's still in the 3 year applecare warranty, think that would be repaired? Anyone have experiences in asking for a cosmetic fix like that, how did they respond? 
Yeah, that was my other thought. Plus this laptop is my sisters and is used just for her university work, nothing graphics chip intensive like games or rendering etc. 5GB now will allow a future upgrade to 8GB later without throwing out those 2x2 ram sticks that I would have to if I got them now. An OS revision or two down the line 8GB might be a neccessary upgrade given how fat OSX is getting, snow leopard was gold on 2GB but Lion and Mountain Lion are dogs. Windows 7...
    Can the 320m chipset support asynchronous dual channel like Intel chipsets can though? Those can use two mismatched sticks in dual channel, there is a performance drop from matched sticks but the performance drop from that would be much smaller than if it was just straight single channel like older chipsets.   
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