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Please let the 13" Retina and non-retina get Haswell GT3e quads.
Somewhat related, I know they replaced discoloring palmrests on older non-unibody macbooks, but I have the newest white unibody macbook and the wrist rest (and markings on the keys faded, and the rubber bottom) have discolored a lot. It's still in the 3 year applecare warranty, think that would be repaired? Anyone have experiences in asking for a cosmetic fix like that, how did they respond? 
Yeah, that was my other thought. Plus this laptop is my sisters and is used just for her university work, nothing graphics chip intensive like games or rendering etc. 5GB now will allow a future upgrade to 8GB later without throwing out those 2x2 ram sticks that I would have to if I got them now. An OS revision or two down the line 8GB might be a neccessary upgrade given how fat OSX is getting, snow leopard was gold on 2GB but Lion and Mountain Lion are dogs. Windows 7...
    Can the 320m chipset support asynchronous dual channel like Intel chipsets can though? Those can use two mismatched sticks in dual channel, there is a performance drop from matched sticks but the performance drop from that would be much smaller than if it was just straight single channel like older chipsets.   
If it were mine I would, it's my sisters and she just does a lot of essays and some microscope slides etc on it, nothing that would need 8GB. And 8GB at least in Canada for branded RAM sticks is at least 80 dollars plus tax, something she isn't willing to pay.  For the second part, thanks, so 5GB single channel would be better than 4GB dual you think? Mountain Lion is such a dog on 2GB. 
It currently has 2GB installed in 2 sticks of 1GB. Would you go for 4GB by way of 2x2, or 5GB with 1 4GB and 1 1GB stick, both for the same price? Does it support asynchronous dual channel? If not, is the performance impact from going down to single channel more than the impact of going from 4GB to 5? 
    So no GT3e/HD5200 for anything, you think? 
The eDRAM on package for the high end GT3e Haswell configuration should provide a significant boost to performance, the GT2 with half the execution resources (although at a base clock twice as high as GT3 at 400 vs 200) performs about a quarter better than Ivy Bridges HD4000, and Intel is saying there's a 2x performance increase from IVB to Haswells integrated graphics on the top end.  I'm curious, especially for the 13" MBP, if we would be getting the one with or...
Now can it do basic UI animations without lag? Single core performance seemed to be the bottleneck there.
A smaller screen and a year and a half old SoC make for a cheap device to make? I'm shocked. SHOCKED.
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