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http://gizmodo.com/5943222/apple-earpods-review-less-terrible-still-garbage http://www.anandtech.com/show/6288/hands-on-with-ipod-touch-5th-gen-ipod-nano-7th-gen-and-earpods http://www.digitaltrends.com/headphone-reviews/apple-earpods-review/     So miles short of sounding like they are "hundreds more" as Apple claims, but better for a beater pair than the last bundled ones. 
"The next noticeable design feature for the EarPods is that the main speaker port faces forward, rather than directly into your ear canal. Is sound that is not pointed directly at your ear drum better to listen to? We don't know, but that's the verdict of Apple's acousticians, and they get paid a lot of money to do what they do." Wait what? I thought the hole that points towards your ear canal was the main speaker, and the smaller hole on the side was just another...
Jony: "We actually...Found a way...To fuse the lens and the camera body together to make it 18% thinner"  Photographers: What the ****, Jony.
Got to use one with 10.8.1 today, still very choppy. I can count individual frames for the green button resize or callender flip animation. Even the Air with the HD4000 alone is smoother. 
Apples website says they sound like headphones that cost "hundreds more". Very very skeptical about that claim, but cautiously optimistic. 
USB 3 makes more sense for iDevices. The huge install base for one, TB does not have that many users yet.  Thunderbolt is for higher end stuff. Too many people seem to forget that moving to thunderbolt would not magically make transfers faster, those are limited by NAND speed even before they hit USB 2.0 limits. The flash memory in these devices is more like USB drives than SSDs, it's low power. 
  If you have  a large house and are receiving the wireless signal through multiple walls/floors, the wifi speed can easily start to bottleneck the internet speed. It's not 450Mbits wherever you are as long as you have signal, it starts to degrade the second you step away from the router.  And that's not even considering faster local uses like transferring files between computers and streaming HD movies. 450Mbits is about 60 MB, most modern hard drives can read/write...
The ad may have been from an SLR, but the phone camera is still a definite step forward, look at this http://gizmodo.com/5940697/definite-proof-that-the-lumia-920s-pureview-camera-is-awesome
Uhhh what? The Snapdragon S4 chip in this phone is running at the designed frequency. No phone manufacturer has shipped a phone beyond the chips designed frequency. Some enthusiast PC OEMs do that, but for the most part they run at the designed frequency as well. Overclocking for the most part is user-end. 
The floating image sensor looks amazing, the Nokia specific apps look really handy, we know Snapdragon S4 is the best CPU-wise SoC out there, in addition to the low power draw chip there's a huge battery and other optimizations, the screen changes hue in relation to the light you are in....Just really, really impressive in all. And now that WP has 100,000 apps, you can probably find what you need.  Going to take a lot more than an elongated screen to rustle my jimmies...
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