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Any reasonJimmy open with a screwdriver. Jimmy need focus. Go check on moonshine cleetus.
i don't see this as useful to a phone necessarily. Maybe this is for the applecar. I'm sure there are plenty of parts that you don't want cleetus to jimmy open with a screwdriver.
If it were that easy Samsung would have copied Apples system and waited also.
You're right(I was wrong)it hasn't been found to be constitutional yet so there is hope. But this isn't new. There was an AT&T whistle blower lawsuit around '06 or '07 by a technician saying the government was tapping AT&T's backbone. I think the patriot act that was discussed and voted on was the one we got. It was an over reach of power and they knew it. But plenty of people thought it was a fine idea back then. We were told the terrorists hated our freedom, so we...
This surveillance was authorized by the patriot act which was signed into law in 2001. The Supreme Court has found it to be constitutional. The law needs to be repealed or changed at the least but it will be an uphill battle against the spy community. Obama can make some changes on his own I'm sure, and I'd like to see him show some leadership in encouraging lawmakers to pass laws that scale back the patriot act but it will certainly take some political will from our...
Yeah, I wouldn't let this Tony fella(if that's his real name) put his grubby paws all over my million dollar custom Mac. What the hell does he know? /s
Six people working 80 hrs each(2 weeks) is 480 man hours. I'd like to see the 480 hours worth of work done here. Aside from that your numbers don't add up at all. 480 hours times $200 an hour is $96,000.
Interesting combination of patronizing and wrong.
Well, carry on then.
Dems said they'd work with reps after they ended the shutdown. And it is big legislation, I'm sure there will be changes.The reason I say the reps are responsible for the shutdown is because obamacare was already a negotiated piece of legislation. Some people wanted single payer, some wanted no changes at all. The house and senate negotiated for something in between those choices. They passed it and the president signed it. It got taken to the Supreme Court and was found...
New Posts  All Forums: