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Maybe they'll stop with the crazy code name reference and give them model numbers again. Which Powerbook do you have? 603e? G3? G4? Firewire? Which screen resolution? Revision? Pff. I hate that. "I own a Macbook Pro 1220" would be so much easier.
You download WINE. Based on the history of Linux-based software in OSX, there will also come along a frontend that eliminates the admittedly yucky messing around with config files. Hopefully that will progress into somehow integrating into the Dock to make it so that running Windows apps in OSX is trasparent. OSX has had a very positive indirect effect so far on OSS, from what I can see, and I don't see it changing any time soon.
Only an idiot would turn a conversation about computers into a conversation about politics. Be glad I'm not an administrator.
I would argue that the G5 is just an evolution of past PPC design. In some respects, it's a DE-evolution from the POWER series. I think Apple was very smart to do this, since the only really revolutionary chip in the past couple of years is the Pentium M. This chip outpaces the 3.6 GHz Pentium 4 and any G5 you can throw at it. It also runs at a maximum of (I think) 2.4 Ghz for the time being, and draws only 27 watts at peak load. Think passive cooling dual processors....
Personally, I prefer the numbered naming scheme. Quick, how fast was the processor in the PowerMac G4? How many motherboard revisions did it have? No idea? That's because it has no freaking model number. Now, how fast was the processor in a Powermac 7200? Apple foregoes usability and ease of support to eliminate some stupid text on their boxes that nobody pays attention to.
This being a forum focused on the Macintosh, why are you bitching about "another powermac thread"? Calm yo'self fool. You're the one that clicked the link.
Hope springs eternal. Personally, I wouldn't put anything past Apple at this point. They've got a lot of tricks up their sleeve, and they seem ready to use every last one of them. Besides, it's nothing new to put a hot, fast chip in a laptop. The 970 is a lot cooler than the Pentium 4, and you see lots of laptops with big, hot, fast processors already. Granted, they're thicker and heavier, but that's only because they aren't as good at design as our favorite fruit company....
If this is the inappropriate area of this forum to post this, I apologize. My iBook up and died today and I have no warranty or anything on it, so I figure this is one of the best places for me to go. I figure, if I can't use it, I might as well help a few people who don't want to pay the extremely high prices charged for these parts anywhere else. Also, I'm wanting to fund the purchase of a new G5, this might help me along a little. These are the parts that work...
I think a brushed keyboard with black keys would fit very nicely. And it should be backlit like the 17" Powerbook.
Give this man a hand, that makes more sense than anything else posted above.
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