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I never received the first Coin card I ordered.  
And the two may become one.  Ahrendt you glad she can Cook?  
I think about 80% of the 450k are curious millionaires who want to see what its all about. 
Still haven't seen any integration of Redmatica products.  I wonder how long it will take to see something come out of this Camel Audio deal.
The reason is most iPhone users would likely buy office supplies from Amazon before Stables.  
I really appreciate Microsoft for making outstanding efforts to support Apple's solid platform.  They make some of the best mobile apps on iOS...starting with OneNote.
No wonder VirginMobile USA refuses to stock the iPhone 6...
I can see it 5 years from now...Intel will only be in Pro level Macs. Mac Air and Mini may run on custom Apple chips.
I'm not happy for this issue.  However, I do hope it causes Apple to equip next generation with premium Nvidia Cuda cards.
Thou shalt not tempt Office apps to deviate from OneDrive.
New Posts  All Forums: