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I can see it 5 years from now...Intel will only be in Pro level Macs. Mac Air and Mini may run on custom Apple chips.
I'm not happy for this issue.  However, I do hope it causes Apple to equip next generation with premium Nvidia Cuda cards.
Thou shalt not tempt Office apps to deviate from OneDrive.
Paypal Just Sealed Fate.  But seriously its seems like an amateur move.  They are no more vulnerable than anyone else to top skill hackers.  In fact, Paypal is a scam-haven these days outside of eBay.  
I are care!.. I are baboon!
 Tesla didn't have to shrink chips and other components into an incredibly thin form-factor and make products at the rate Apple is producing them.  There is much expense in spearheading the forward edge of such activity.
App cleaner looks like a ripoff of AppZapper.
Funny you say that because I work in the field if you think gathering will stop progressing or won't become increasingly aggressive, pinch yourself.
It will be reformed in such a way that they won't be caught easily again.
Why not just make XBox One the new PC, and end 3rd party contracts except for server markets.
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