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Two things that really get to me.... For the price of just the steel link bracelet (no watch) at 400-500 usd one can buy an iPad Air 2!!! The 10,000-20,000 usd Apple Watch... The margins on that beast! The rich are going to buy that only for the tech to be out of date within a year or two... At the end of the day this is still a CE device and CE devices go out of date very fast. There was a quote Steve Jobs made about technology. "We were having dinner one day, in the...
Since Telsa gave away all its Patents I'm thinking this could give Apple a head start and apply those inventions into their project. Furthermore they could well be working with Tesla who could eventually be a component supplier (electric motors, batteries etc) to Apple. Maybe this is what Elon Musk and Tim were discussing last year when it was reported that both teams met.
Let's just hope First Solar can deliver on their promise and have the solar farm up and running and not run away with all the money like GT Advanced did.
I have a Gen1 iPad. I think I'd like to upgrade to a new one later this year (iPad air 3?) To be honest when I first bought it, I was hyped on iBooks and surfing the net but later on it just became a secondary device after I bought a MacBookAir. Main reason was the resolution and screen size differences. If there was somehow a bigger iPad then I would be in the market for that! Was glad to see RAM being increased in the IPad Air 2 so at least I know this is now the bare...
Samsung should buy Apple shares! Take That!
Samsung is dying anyway... Their market share will be taken over by XiaoMi soon and Qualcomm will find a customer in this Apple copy cat company.
Maybe that was Apples plan... Make the phones as thin as possible so that people would splash out further for cases.. The margins on those things are ridiculous!
I always wondered whether the materials such as the aluminium on the phones played that big of a part on the costs. Given the volume of aluminium used on products such as the MacBooks and iPads relative to the iPhone 6.. It's really negligible.. You could probably machine a good few iPhones from a slab of iPad and for sure many more from the iMac or the old MacPro chassis. Given the grade of aluminium may be different in quality but still... It's probably the technology on...
Sounds like Xbox Kinect. I just bought an LG Smart TV and the WebOS magic remote is a pretty good implementation.
I rented a brand new BMW 320D over Christmas in the UK and for 10 days I used its built-in sat nav, blue tooth connectivity features for phone calls and also USB connection for iPhone to play music. It worked flawlessly on all counts and the jog dial was very intuitive. Album art from both iTunes and Spotify both came up on the display including title tracks whilst volume and play back was controlled via steering wheel buttons.  How does CarPlay add additional...
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