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  I just bought the app too after reading the article.  The B&W effects are really nice but I agree it is not stable. I'm running it on my 4S too, no crashes but loading the camera roll up within the app is really slow (not sure if its due to my 5000 photos already stored on there).  The real time filtering also slows things down a bit in the viewfinder.  Hope they can optimize the app as there is some potential if not a novelty.
It's interesting to know that all the job creation, economic impacts, tax revenues for local governments and overall benefits as stated in the article above all comes down to the success of the next generation of products being churned out by Tim Cook and his A-Team. Really lookin forward to WWDC 2013! I sure hope Apple bring their A game.
  I understand your point regarding Machining and QC, will have to wait to see if they really do release a low cost phone. I for one would sacrifice the materiality of the Aluminum build and buy a low cost iPhone ONLY IF the technology, specs and functionality was not reduced in any way. The reason being Ive always had a plastic protective case on the back of my iPhone anyway...the gorgeous diamond cut chamfered edges rarely see the light of day on my iPhone 5.
I think the whole notion of having a plastic case for a rumored low cost iPhone is flawed... How much more low cost can the iPhone be from changing the external materials from Aluminum to Plastic?  I still think it is more about the association of the hardware and technology inside the device depicting price points.
This new 16gb iPod would suit where iOS devices are used in certain industries. One example are those restaurant businesses that implement iOS devices for order taking. They don't need a rear camera (this even helps eliminate privacy concerns) or lots of storage memory. They are cheaper too so are more affordable for bulk purchase. Other industries may include medical applications or other areas where having a back face camera on a device may deem too sensitive. Just a...
Couldn't hold back. Had to email them to express my thoughts.  
Well Said! I hope Tim Cook never goes back to All Things D because they simply do not deserve his time.
Walt Mossberg & Kara Swisher are a pain to watch. They kept on hounding and hounding Tim about new products and nothing else... If you want to host a conference and invite people to talk about technology then don't be a pain in the ass. Tim handled himself well though at times you can see he is frustrated and doesn't give much of an insight in his replies... Miss the good old Sj days. I still watch those old D conferences where he made appearances every now and then.
Is it legal to have a competitors product (Apples iPad in this instance) in your own commercial?
Mom "Go and do your homework" Kid "I have a 30 kill streak let me finish this map" Mom "Xbox Off!"
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