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This new 16gb iPod would suit where iOS devices are used in certain industries. One example are those restaurant businesses that implement iOS devices for order taking. They don't need a rear camera (this even helps eliminate privacy concerns) or lots of storage memory. They are cheaper too so are more affordable for bulk purchase. Other industries may include medical applications or other areas where having a back face camera on a device may deem too sensitive. Just a...
Couldn't hold back. Had to email them to express my thoughts.  
Well Said! I hope Tim Cook never goes back to All Things D because they simply do not deserve his time.
Walt Mossberg & Kara Swisher are a pain to watch. They kept on hounding and hounding Tim about new products and nothing else... If you want to host a conference and invite people to talk about technology then don't be a pain in the ass. Tim handled himself well though at times you can see he is frustrated and doesn't give much of an insight in his replies... Miss the good old Sj days. I still watch those old D conferences where he made appearances every now and then.
Is it legal to have a competitors product (Apples iPad in this instance) in your own commercial?
Mom "Go and do your homework" Kid "I have a 30 kill streak let me finish this map" Mom "Xbox Off!"
Tim Cook is rather boring to listen to. I understand he is very passionate about Apple but expect to hear the same "We have some great products in the pipeline" types of replies. Bill Gates is slightly better at speaking than Tim but no one will beat Steve Jobs at it. I learned a lot just from watching all the previous D talks he attended throughout the years.
Wall Street can go and F themselves!!
I wish Apple would get back on top of the Prosumer Market.. Things had begun to slide even before Cook took the reign. We need new MacPro's... Even though the userbase is small compared to the consumer sector there is still a market and a lot of businesses are heavily invested in OSX. I feel that Apple has lost its mojo in this particular area.
I used to replace my iPhone annually upon each new release but the 4S was the first phone I decided to keep for more than a year because it is still performing fast and runs all the latest apps. I will probably get the 5S when it is released but the point I'm trying to make here is people no longer need to upgrade their phones as soon as the next big thing comes out. Smartphones have matured in quality and performance to the point where they have increased longevity. Does...
New Posts  All Forums: