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Wall Street can go and F themselves!!
I wish Apple would get back on top of the Prosumer Market.. Things had begun to slide even before Cook took the reign. We need new MacPro's... Even though the userbase is small compared to the consumer sector there is still a market and a lot of businesses are heavily invested in OSX. I feel that Apple has lost its mojo in this particular area.
I used to replace my iPhone annually upon each new release but the 4S was the first phone I decided to keep for more than a year because it is still performing fast and runs all the latest apps. I will probably get the 5S when it is released but the point I'm trying to make here is people no longer need to upgrade their phones as soon as the next big thing comes out. Smartphones have matured in quality and performance to the point where they have increased longevity. Does...
Back in January we bought 6 Windows 8 Pro licenses for the office when Microsoft was doing the introductory offer at 30 something bucks. So far Windows 8 has been refreshing to use, it's quite stable and I'm quite used to the Metro homescreen even though we're not on touchscreen desktops.
"purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices." 30% for Apple?
I think even if Apple has another iPhone model in the works, it still won't be sold as a cheap phone. Apple will release it with next to full functionality but call it a different name so that it will sit nicely alongside the iPhone 5/5S/6. Just like when before the iPad Mini came out, people expected Apple to release a 7" device and priced to compete against cheap Android and Amazon tablets but Apple blew everyone away by pricing it higher than the competition yet still...
So many rumours this week... I'd rather they kept the size and added a bigger battery to be honest. 20hour battery life would do me just fine. I'm looking to get a new iPad this year as I'm still rocking Generation 1. But if the iPad mini goes retina then that's a sure fire buy.
I think the screen size of tablets will always be a limiting factor to give a full desktop experience. The paradigm of a tablet experience shouldn't really be desktop eccentric anymore. I mean apps should eventually be as complex as desktop tablets but the manipulation, UI, functional aesthetics and UX needs to be totally rethought for a touch screen tablet just how the iPad has apps written from the ground up. For Microsoft to still keep the traditional desktop in...
Simply speaking...their intepretation is that the tax from the sales of Apples blockbuster products are the problem of the deficit... So if apple never existed or if iPhones and iPads didn't sell well then the country and its citizens would not have this problem? This is jokes lol
The Galaxy Note II is very popular in Hong Kong and I suspect in other Asian countries purely because the stylus facilitates Asian character handwriting input more comfortably and efficient than using a finger. I've seen a lot of people use these during my daily commutes on the MTR. A large screen and stylus is advantageous for this particular scenario. I type in English myself so my iPhone 4S screen size fits me just great for two thumb typing. The different methods of...
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