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There wasn't an issue with Retina Displays for iPhone 4
Steve Jobs and Team created an awesome device. Absolutely profound!
$500+ !! All this on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, OSX, iOS and a bunch of other software.... Amazing!
Every new iPad 3 rumour article is reiterating news from the previous articles... yawnnn
Agreed. I also wish that Apple would incorporate the professional graphic cards line (ati firepro and nvidia quadro) into the customisation options. On the CPU front however, Intel hasn't released many new Xeon CPUs other than bumps in the Ghz area. This is probably why there hasn't been a need to update the MacPro line. I do 3d rendering work and have a dual Xeon hex Core workstation (24 rendering threads if u include hyper threading) from dell which was bought this year...
lmfao @ 6. Hahahahahahahaha
Oh yes...that reminds me.. 399 GBP for a 5 year extended warranty I paid when I bought a sony laptop at dixons. It was 50% the cost of the laptop itself. I remember the sales guy pushing and pushing saying how good of a deal it was and in the end he even ended up knocking 20% off the warranty package just to get commission out of it. Pain in the backside aggressive service ughh brings back memories. Funny enough my laptop did break down 4 years into usage and they...
I grew up in the UK seeing Dixons stores in every major town and city centre. The shops were ok with a lot of the latest tech and they were the most popular place to buy electronics until online e-commerce got huge and and people favoured shopping on the internet as product prices became more competitive. That's when Dixons started to decline for me. PC World the same. The stores had atrociously bad customer service with sales guys who didn't really know and understand...
Yes come back to APPLE and help change the world once again! Always had respect for this guy
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