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In my opinion a dual screen iPad mini book would be a cool product to have. Imagine 2 iPad minis connected together via a hinge a bit like a notebook. Think of the Microsoft courier that never materialised. Held like a book, the dual screens would allow multitasking and reading a pleasure. Placed like a laptop, the 2nd screen would enable a full screen keyboard to type on therefore allowing the 1st screen to display a full screen app. iPad mini is light and thin enough for...
Oh wow, this iMac was assembled in USA!! Production does happen in USA afterall. 3rd pic of Step 3 http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iMac+Intel+21.5-Inch+EMC+2544+Teardown/11936/1
Had they added the i7-3930K, 3.2GHz, w/12MB Cache, 6 Cores/12 Threads. It would be a beast of a machine and suitable for 3D work
%u201CBill did hold up a tablet many years ago,%u201D Ballmer replied, adding, "Maybe if we had started innovating then, which is what we really did with Surface, maybe we should have done that earlier. Maybe that tablet shift would have been sooner.%u201D Innovating? What's really innovative about the SURFACE other than the UI being different to an iPad.
They should make an animated movie about Steves life
Sounds like Forstall could only really be put in place and command respect from Steve Jobs and when Steve passed Tim has had to play middle man between all the opposing SVP's. Hope Apples new restructuring works out. iOS and the App store literally propelled Apple forward past the competition the last five years. Also, Maps & Siri was no small task to integrate into iOS and push out to market as a usable product. It's unfortunate that heads had to roll at the top because...
I noticed that one too! Amazon are basically trying to put down the iPad mini's screen size as it's not even 720p resolution. But in a real world scenario can we really be arsed and can tell a big difference that a typical 1080/720p HD movie is being scaled down to fit a 1028xx768 resolution screen is inferior? I very much doubt it! I've been watching HD movies on my iPad 1 and 2 since its inception which has the exact same resolution as the iPad mini... Amazon is really...
Your comment got me thinking... maybe he made a move to leave Apple just like Bob Mansfield did. I remember reading an article about Bob Mansfield new role and how he was being paid a hefty amount just to stay on as an advisor.
Wonder if any of these minis will come out the box with scuffs like the iphone5. Also the back of the black one is the same color/coating as iPhone 5 too which a few ppl reported it being prone to scratching. Think ill go for white 32gb cellular! The industrial design is amazing
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