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What happened to the DROID series of handsets.. 2010 was a good year for those.. In 2011, didn't hear much about it.. it was all about Samsung
Seriously? Android has nearly 40% of the Tablet market? All I ever see people use are iPads... This is flawed
Why did Samsung go back and redesign the Tab to get around the Injunction in Germany then? http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-573...nd-injunction/
Fujifilm are in all kinda of businesshttp://www.fujifilmbeauty.com.hk/pro...ft&listall=yes
I like how the sales guy in the video used the words 'Innovative','Single Shell','Aluminum Body'. They didn't innovate, the whole Ultrabook concept is a blatant rip of Apples MacbookAir Unibody Aluminum design. However The 15" screen in a 14" chassis does looks promising and shows it can be done. Apple bring out a 15" Air please!
Apple, bring out a giant touchscreen board so teachers can draw directly on the wall like a white/chalk board and add Siri onto it so the user can command it to bring up content on the fly.
Very well said!!
WOW $299 I'd rather buy a Thunderbolt Display with all the ports included for $999
Check thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQNQkJGwxsE
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