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Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 1280 x 800 216ppi (720p) Apple iPad Mini 9.7" 1024 x 768 162ppi wonder if I can tell the ppi density when compared side by side. At $329 I would prefer to go for a 9.7" iPad 4th Gen though at $499 for a lot more tech
I wonder how much less aluminium the new imac uses compared to the old model. As devices become smaller and thinner, the stockpile of material should cost less and less... Shouldn't this translate to at least cheaper prices?
This was a surprise move by Apple indeed. It also means that in January next year there will be no new iPad to look forward to. A strategic move to meet the Christmas shopping frenzy season.
What's the battery life on these things? I can't find this info out anywhere across the web
Does anyone know how to work out that IF this iPad was really released, and at the current rumored screen size with a Retina display the same resolution as the 9.7" iPad. Then what would the pixel density (PPI) be? I sure hope it's not a 1024 x 786. Most smartphones are higher res than this now.  
They kept selling the hinge and keyboard cover during the keynote and now they are doing the same in the TV commercial. I would like to see more of what the tablet does on the software level
Interesting post.Apple stops licensing google mapsApple saves on licensing feesGoogle loses huge slice of revenue from licensingGoogle looses millions of google map users therefore a huge chunk of ad revenue goneGoogle can put maps on app store for free - benefits apple because now its freeGoogle puts maps on app store for free - benefits customerGoogle puts maps on app store but charges - apple then automatically receives 30% cutGoogle doesn't make app for iOS - googles...
Losing Google's YouTube App on iOS: No biggie...we don't have to watch Gangnam Style Losing Google Maps on iOS: Millions of users in the Apple community disoriented...Apple, this is a monumental and fundamental part of what makes the iPhone or any smartphone a fledging Internet communications device. We have become so dependant on this in our daily lives and we take google maps as a feature that we pay for on iPhone having paid 1000's of dollars on products. When the...
New Posts  All Forums: