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HP. Please have a product designed, built and finished ready to ship before you tell us. This is one thing I always admired about the way Apple does things. For now HP Phone = Vapourware
First of all, a very mehhh presentation... I miss those magical days when Steve was around exciting the crowd with unique and surprising ways to showcase products. The way the iPhone 5 appeared physically on stage was so trashy. Also Tim Cook is bland. He has reiterated the same things over and over again since iPhone 4S, iPad3 and WWDC 2012 presentations about how Apple is passionate about this and that blah blah... I'd like to see Apple presentations bring up more...
Double row genius bars? It was only last month when Apple was said to be reducing retail staff levels. Browett writing his wrongs here.
What a great article to read. It's great to learn more about some of Apples unsung heroes and their history. It's also nice to hear forum members who were once involved with Apple/NeXT comment on random events of their past. The complexity behind the simplicity of the products Apple make are often easily missed. We look at the iPod/iPhone/iPad as beautifully crafted minimal looking devices as an end product but behind the scenes, years of work on technological...
Does the latest Galaxy SIII infringe on any of the patents? If so does that mean Apple needs to file a new case?
  My thoughts are the same but somehow I feel Steve Jobs had this covered when he initiated Apple University. Apple as a company was truly his best creation. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/10/06/apple_university_revealed_as_plan_to_teach_executives_to_think_like_steve_jobs.html
John Browett probably had his dirty hands all over these ads, now he needs to come forward and admit messing up again. Apple retail boss Browett admits 'messing up' over store changes http://www.retail-week.com/5039937.article
I second that.. I ended up listening to it instead of watching it.
It would be great if the dock connector ran at Thunderbolt speeds in the future
Samsung selling more phones than Apple is like Ford selling more cars than Porsche It is irrelevant...Quality over Quantity any day
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