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No chance of Apple ever using Power VR graphics chips on the MacBooks? If a quad core graphics chip can power a retina display iPad i'm pretty sure there is a more advanced model available for laptop class graphics. Power VR, Geforce 1 and 3dfx Voodoo... Those were the days !
Well deserved. Long Live Apple! 1 Million shares.. that's a lot of dough!
The Hong Kong Apple Online Store only allows the option to pre-order the WIFI model of the NEW iPad...Is this because 4G isn't compatible here too? Hong Kong has always sold the 3G iPad alongside the Wifi only version. So how now Apple? What if we want to buy a 3G Compatible NEW iPad?
I wonder if there will be anything maps related announced at the event seen as though the maps app icon is visible sitting on the dock on the invite. If the retina/high res display is on the iPad3, I wonder how long it takes for Samsung and Motorola to come out with a similar spec device. Definitely another year of the iPad and not the copycats.
Reading iBooks and Portrait mode in Safari is going to rock with the High Res display!!
There wasn't an issue with Retina Displays for iPhone 4
Steve Jobs and Team created an awesome device. Absolutely profound!
$500+ !! All this on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, OSX, iOS and a bunch of other software.... Amazing!
Every new iPad 3 rumour article is reiterating news from the previous articles... yawnnn
New Posts  All Forums: