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Does the latest Galaxy SIII infringe on any of the patents? If so does that mean Apple needs to file a new case?
  My thoughts are the same but somehow I feel Steve Jobs had this covered when he initiated Apple University. Apple as a company was truly his best creation. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/11/10/06/apple_university_revealed_as_plan_to_teach_executives_to_think_like_steve_jobs.html
John Browett probably had his dirty hands all over these ads, now he needs to come forward and admit messing up again. Apple retail boss Browett admits 'messing up' over store changes http://www.retail-week.com/5039937.article
I second that.. I ended up listening to it instead of watching it.
It would be great if the dock connector ran at Thunderbolt speeds in the future
Samsung selling more phones than Apple is like Ford selling more cars than Porsche It is irrelevant...Quality over Quantity any day
Another Android based phone basically?
The mobile Ivy Bridge i7-3820QM @ 2.70GHz on the new MacBookPro Retina is faster than the Desktop Intel Sandybridge Core i7-2600K @ 3.40GHz   TOTAL WIN!!!
They used an iPad and it still crashed 4 times. Had they used an android tablet the damn thing probably wouldn't have even executed.
That's nuts (the elaborate process of making the device). I applaud the people responsible for designing the equipment, programming automation of the factory and creating the equipment, moulds etc that are used to create the idevices and other electronics.
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