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I'm interested in how well the Sony Vita will sell this holiday season. Regarding xboxes and ps3's. most kids already own one of these shared devices as they have been around for a long time so demand for these products should have declined over the years. Kinetic should be a good seller for the price point. I remember getting my game boys, Atari lynx's and commodore amigas for Christmas. Kids these days don't realise how lucky they are with all this advanced...
I miss Steve. Long may Apple remaining a visionary beast of a company, creating insanely great products and making daring choices that no other company in the World dare to.
Pretty neat. Didn't realise Hotmail could be set up on the email app on iOS 5!
The full article on the NYT website is more detailed that the Appleinsider version. Just read it in full and I personally regret reading it because it's probably a little too much detailed
RIP Steve. We will never forget what we learned from you.
Really touched by this video. In a way it finally gave me closure to everything that has been going on in the last few weeks. Great speech by Jony Ive. Amazingly talented, gentle & Humble guy. Amazing to see so many Apple employees at the Campus. Is that how many people work at 1 Infinite Loop or did people travel from other offices around the area? I never did picture Apple to be so populated, somehow it was always Steve, Jony Ive, Scott + The rest of the executive...
Reading this article really made me feel sad again. What pure brilliance Steve Jobs had, up until the very end even though his human body could no longer carry on forward, his mind refused to let go and give up. The level of dedication really inspires me to work harder everyday, not to give up and keep pushing forward. RIP Steve you Legend!
that made me spit my coffee and LOL!
My photos and videos are taking up 8Gb on my iPhone. This could be the issue I reckon
Just installed iOS5 and activated iCloud. It's saying it cannot back up my iPhone because there's not enough storage available. My iPhone uses up around 28Gb of space at the moment. This means I have 2 options: 1) Buy additional iCloud storage space with Apple and pay 70USD for 50Gb per year 2) Back up only to my Mac Locally via iTunes Kinda sucks 5Gb...most people use more than 5Gb on their iPhone I am pretty sure... Decisions decisions....
New Posts  All Forums: