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Sick of seeing Ads like this one that has no end product to show for it.
Perhaps Ron Johnson is going to set up Apple stores within JC Penny stores to help revive its fortunes   
MICROSOFT: First We're Going To Destroy Apple's iPhone In China, Then We're Going To Clobber Google's Android http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-iphone-android-china-2012-3
Apple is Apple because of Steve Jobs, his Vision and his ability to hire great people. Nuff Said.
Agreed, 4" would be a nice size. Does anyone know what the PPI will be on a 4" at 960 x 640 ?
The folks manning the assembly lines at Foxconn must be on overdrive. SO tempted to get an iPad but I still feel the generation one iPad is still usable for my basic bed time browsing needs.
I wonder how many hours you would get of usage if you retrofitted the ipad3 batteries to the ipad2.
128Gb and 256Gb should be a given option on iPads even if we have to pay a bit more.. It's also a real shame Apple does not build in an SD Card slot for storage expansion.... I have had a 32Gb iPhone since the 3G version and when I migrated it to the 32Gb iPhone 4 I already had a lot of App Data, photos and videos on my camera roll to transfer over. After a year of using the iPhone 4 I have now maxed out my storage and have to constantly delete files. Last week that...
No chance of Apple ever using Power VR graphics chips on the MacBooks? If a quad core graphics chip can power a retina display iPad i'm pretty sure there is a more advanced model available for laptop class graphics. Power VR, Geforce 1 and 3dfx Voodoo... Those were the days !
Well deserved. Long Live Apple! 1 Million shares.. that's a lot of dough!
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