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I like how the sales guy in the video used the words 'Innovative','Single Shell','Aluminum Body'. They didn't innovate, the whole Ultrabook concept is a blatant rip of Apples MacbookAir Unibody Aluminum design. However The 15" screen in a 14" chassis does looks promising and shows it can be done. Apple bring out a 15" Air please!
Apple, bring out a giant touchscreen board so teachers can draw directly on the wall like a white/chalk board and add Siri onto it so the user can command it to bring up content on the fly.
Very well said!!
WOW $299 I'd rather buy a Thunderbolt Display with all the ports included for $999
Check thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQNQkJGwxsE
They don't need a dedicated one because they will only sell a few laptops, netbooks and what other pieces of junk they can manage to ship as oppose to Apple's Gazillion number of iDevices.
I thought ASUS was always the king of the netbook market?...anyway I am so sick of these SHAMELESS, CLUELESS, COPYCATS!!!
Why isn't Elan suing every other manufacturer that makes multitouch smartphones and tablets?
If Google approaches Samsung to create the reference design, It'll be called a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Flame or something. But wait.. why don't they just re-release the Galaxy Tab 7" that came out originally in 2010 and sell it for $99..
If you can't beat them... join the other lot BTW, does Microsoft get $5 per Kindle Fire sold because it runs Android? Or does that imply to Smartphones only?
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