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Oh yes...that reminds me.. 399 GBP for a 5 year extended warranty I paid when I bought a sony laptop at dixons. It was 50% the cost of the laptop itself. I remember the sales guy pushing and pushing saying how good of a deal it was and in the end he even ended up knocking 20% off the warranty package just to get commission out of it. Pain in the backside aggressive service ughh brings back memories. Funny enough my laptop did break down 4 years into usage and they...
I grew up in the UK seeing Dixons stores in every major town and city centre. The shops were ok with a lot of the latest tech and they were the most popular place to buy electronics until online e-commerce got huge and and people favoured shopping on the internet as product prices became more competitive. That's when Dixons started to decline for me. PC World the same. The stores had atrociously bad customer service with sales guys who didn't really know and understand...
Yes come back to APPLE and help change the world once again! Always had respect for this guy
What happened to the DROID series of handsets.. 2010 was a good year for those.. In 2011, didn't hear much about it.. it was all about Samsung
Seriously? Android has nearly 40% of the Tablet market? All I ever see people use are iPads... This is flawed
Why did Samsung go back and redesign the Tab to get around the Injunction in Germany then? http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-573...nd-injunction/
Fujifilm are in all kinda of businesshttp://www.fujifilmbeauty.com.hk/pro...ft&listall=yes
I like how the sales guy in the video used the words 'Innovative','Single Shell','Aluminum Body'. They didn't innovate, the whole Ultrabook concept is a blatant rip of Apples MacbookAir Unibody Aluminum design. However The 15" screen in a 14" chassis does looks promising and shows it can be done. Apple bring out a 15" Air please!
Apple, bring out a giant touchscreen board so teachers can draw directly on the wall like a white/chalk board and add Siri onto it so the user can command it to bring up content on the fly.
New Posts  All Forums: