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Or have TouchID built into your CarPlay hardware to start the car - although you'd have to take your gloves off in Winter.
iWatch to start your car!
 Could CurrentC now utilise the TouchID API in it's app to provide an extra level of security? How would this then be different to ApplePay other than it's tokenization.   If it's an app-based solution Apple should just reject the CurrentC app in the App Store when it is launched LOLAlso can this app based form of payment be classed as in-app purchasing thus allowing Apple to take a percentage per sale?  
iPod Touches should come with optional capacities of 32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb..hell even 1Tb. I would pay top dollar for a 1Tb iPod Touch!
I want to see one of those videos of an iPhone 6 being made. specifically how the aluminium back panel is milled.
the new AI logo reminds me of the blackberry logo for some reason.
Eager customers in China probably already have their iPhones from the grey market when they were released in HK
At 6.1mm it's even thinner than an iPhone 6! #bendgateeeeeeeee
I need to see the iPad Air 2 in person. It's so incredibly thin! thinner than an iPhone 6 and iPad mini 3! Someone out there is definitely going to try and bend that! Wish they had dropped an A8X into the iPad mini.. I was looking to buy one of those but may now go for the iPad Air 2.  437grams is pretty sweet.
I remember when my Sony MD Walkman used to take a beating.. the thing was so malleable.. We should take care of our electronics devices. They're certainly not built to last.   
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