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Maybe that will be theiPhone 6S Plus - "Faster, Stronger, Incredible. The biggest upgrade since the original iPhone"
If I pull hard on my 200USD headphone cables, the cable will snap If I overbend my Oakley Holbrooks - they will snap  If I push in the metal panel of my vehicle door too hard it will indent If I poke my Near Field monitor cones too deep they will tear If I poke too hard on the LED panel on my macbookair it will probably crack These iPhones are not Panasonic Toughbooks..  just use them with care.. #nonissue
 LOL Samsung product info fail.. 88mm in height for a 6.3" Phone?
It's out!  Downloading right now! Can't wait :)  
What happens with Apps? Do android users have to repurchase all their previously bought Android apps? (Not that android users are used to forking out for them anyway). I'm looking forward to iCloud Drive which is going to finally offer some sort file system, although Dropbox already does that for me already. Oh.. Isn't iOS8 coming out tomorrow?
Apple fan here and looking forward to all the new iProducts and services heading our way for Health. I do want to say that Samsung has for many years been in the medical field too and that can't be knocked. They produce and manufacture hospital grade Ultrasound and Radiography equipment http://www.samsung.com/global/business/healthcare/ as well as having many Samsung hospitals around Asia http://www.samsunghospital.com/global/eng/main/main.do   Whatever the competition...
Go Apple!! Two iPhone 6 Plus 16Gb Gold ordered! I am just waiting to hear the news when Samsung's market share drops next quarter.
These are the current resale prices in Hong Kong. It's crazy! Can fetch nearly up to x2 the original product price.   As an example the top of line iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb sells for $8088 HKD at the Apple store, The resale market value is $16,000 HKD if you take it to the independent Phone vendors who will then probably flog them for even higher value in Mainland China.  
Pre-ordered 2 x iPhone 6 Plus 16Gb as soon as the store went live in HK. 128Gb and 64Gb became unavailable almost immediately. Seems like the Plus is selling much better then the standard iPhone 6.
Any indication whether 120fps and 240fps slow mo is now 1080p resolution or still 720p?
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