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I've not tried iTunes Radio yet. Is it even out in Hong Kong? I do however have a paid iTunes Match account and also Spotify Premium. I use iTunes Match to upload tracks that can't be found on Spotify. In general I seem to get a better connection streaming Spotify music than iTunes Match when I am out and about but I do have to bare in mind my LTE data package only gives me 5Gb per months so certain albums I download and make available offline.  Spotify also allows me to...
I'd like to think that even Tim Cook knows what Spotify is and if not then Eddy Cue & Team. To suggest that Apple management was unaware of the LIMITED competition out there in the streaming music market is like iCloud Team not knowing what BOX and Dropbox is.
Whatsapp & Wechat have had most of the functionality that iMessage has gained in iOS8 a long time ago. Maybe the core iOS apps should me be made available for updates throughout the year for new features and functions.
I hope the iPhone 6 be water resistant
Craig Federighi is a damn good presenter, he basically dominated the WWDC 2014 Keynote.
Damn... Even the commercial reminds me of the coloured iPod days..
There is no way that Apple will use the beats branding on their devices! (here's hoping anyway).  The brand has already been tainted across several other electronic device manufacturers in the past... Other than the beat's competing music service and Iovine's know how of the music industry, I don't see how the headphones hardware side can be of any real value. With $3.2 Billion you can build a f-ing great headphone from scratch! Not like these things have massive...
Another article of the same thing.... Ughh
I thought HTC owned a bit of BEATS? Or is this old news? I only read about the history behind Monster Inc and Beats and how they are not an entity. http://gizmodo.com/5981823/beat-by-dre-the-inside-story-of-how-monster-lost-the-world
"If you look at the abstractive pattern, you cannot help to think that it resembles something... Diamond," Samsung reminded its audience. "That is because the designers were actually inspired by diamonds. The 'brilliant' or diamond cut design is a design in which diamonds are cut in a distinct form with many facets, having exceptional brilliance. That's why you can see diamond cuts on the main lock screen, which adds a sense of sophistication to the Galaxy S5 to make it...
New Posts  All Forums: