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16Gb should have been 32Gb standard..
I wonder if the watch will have annual incremental updates like all other products.. Apple Watch 2 - "Thinner Lighter Faster with Larger screen"
This is the clearest and most detailed video for the iPhone 6 I've come across yet! What happened to doubling down on secrecy... I wonder what Apple has to say about the physical design being all over the internet.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=657UeODW178
They're still not.. and this is a massive let down.. What good is a Macbook'PRO' when you can't even upgrade or choose the option to have a maximum RAM configuration that the CPU supports.  I use the Adobe suite for work and having more RAM enables me to render and cache larger scenes and files. It's not always about how optimized the OS is.
Entry level 15" MBP is $1972 USD in Hong Kong! - I LOVE HK! 
I've not tried iTunes Radio yet. Is it even out in Hong Kong? I do however have a paid iTunes Match account and also Spotify Premium. I use iTunes Match to upload tracks that can't be found on Spotify. In general I seem to get a better connection streaming Spotify music than iTunes Match when I am out and about but I do have to bare in mind my LTE data package only gives me 5Gb per months so certain albums I download and make available offline.  Spotify also allows me to...
I'd like to think that even Tim Cook knows what Spotify is and if not then Eddy Cue & Team. To suggest that Apple management was unaware of the LIMITED competition out there in the streaming music market is like iCloud Team not knowing what BOX and Dropbox is.
Whatsapp & Wechat have had most of the functionality that iMessage has gained in iOS8 a long time ago. Maybe the core iOS apps should me be made available for updates throughout the year for new features and functions.
I hope the iPhone 6 be water resistant
Craig Federighi is a damn good presenter, he basically dominated the WWDC 2014 Keynote.
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