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Give me a 256Gb iPhone and I'll buy more Music from the store. 64Gb is simply not enough to hold a decent sized music collection on top of the OS, Apps, Photos and Videos... iTunes Match is not an option.. my data plan is 2Gb limite per month.
Google hangouts app needs an ios7 update too
Icahn is everywhere these days! I read a couple of days ago about him meddling into Ebay & Paypal Carl Icahn Wants eBay to Spin Off PayPal Read more: Carl Icahn Wants eBay to Spin Off PayPal | TIME.com http://business.time.com/2014/01/22/icahn-ebay-paypal/#ixzz2rHnpTojT  
Usually the phone body/case is the dirtier areas..  Also this new announced glass is not going to be much use for those people who stick screen protectors over their phones
Very soon samsung will have a page up highlighting all the uses people found with their galaxy tablets.
Such a coincidence.. That the patent was invalidated at this point in time. Is samscum now resorting to bribery - paying off certain figures within the USPTO?
I've actually not seen a single iPhone 5C yet out in the street in Hong Kong. 5S's are very popular here but that's probably because the demographic for new and top of the line phones and gadgets are more commonplace.
An Apple/Tesla collab would be interesting
Could it also be that many iPad Apps are still only running native non-retina display graphics so Apple must keep a device out there that supports those said apps? 
My battery on 5S seems to drop a lot faster since the update. Anyone else out there experience similar?
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