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Damn... Even the commercial reminds me of the coloured iPod days..
There is no way that Apple will use the beats branding on their devices! (here's hoping anyway).  The brand has already been tainted across several other electronic device manufacturers in the past... Other than the beat's competing music service and Iovine's know how of the music industry, I don't see how the headphones hardware side can be of any real value. With $3.2 Billion you can build a f-ing great headphone from scratch! Not like these things have massive...
Another article of the same thing.... Ughh
I thought HTC owned a bit of BEATS? Or is this old news? I only read about the history behind Monster Inc and Beats and how they are not an entity. http://gizmodo.com/5981823/beat-by-dre-the-inside-story-of-how-monster-lost-the-world
"If you look at the abstractive pattern, you cannot help to think that it resembles something... Diamond," Samsung reminded its audience. "That is because the designers were actually inspired by diamonds. The 'brilliant' or diamond cut design is a design in which diamonds are cut in a distinct form with many facets, having exceptional brilliance. That's why you can see diamond cuts on the main lock screen, which adds a sense of sophistication to the Galaxy S5 to make it...
What a load of marketing BS from Samsung.... Who the hell talks about the inspiration behind the home screen wallpaper! I see a similar wallpaper hidden within iOS's wallpaper selection in settings.
Apple has just made the a MBA similarly priced to an iPad Air! 1.4GHz 11-inch MacBook Air 4GB memory 128GB PCIe-based flash storage1 HK$ 6,688  iPad Air Wi-Fi 128GB HK$ 6,288  Now can we have more ram in the iPad Air please!    
Why can't the UI be controlled at the lower quarter of the screen? i.e all layout button controls and address bar in safari etc. I wouldn't need to move the phone up and down my palm if that were the case so that my thumb could reach.
Give me a 256Gb iPhone and I'll buy more Music from the store. 64Gb is simply not enough to hold a decent sized music collection on top of the OS, Apps, Photos and Videos... iTunes Match is not an option.. my data plan is 2Gb limite per month.
Google hangouts app needs an ios7 update too
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