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The iPhone 5C is not a cheap phone by any standard. How long can Apple go on pricing iPhones based on storage capacity... Will be getting a 5S upgrade from my 4S on contract hopefully :) Unlocked iPhone prices from Apple HK Site (Non contract)   iPhone 5S 64GB $7188 HKD   = $926.98 USD iPhone 5S 32GB $6388 HKD   = $823.81 USD iPhone 5S 16GB $5588 HKD   = $720.64 USD iPhone 5C 32GB $5588 HKD   = $720.64 USD iPhone 5C 16GB $4688 HKD   = $604.57 USD  
Microsoft is now going to have a huge arsenal of Patents. Wonder how the landscape will change from here on.
F U Samscum!! At the end of the day it doesn't matter who sells more phones.. or who makes the most profit.. quality products will always have a market. Even if Apple sells a Million phones per quarter.. It will still be a relevant brand and people who appreciate and are loyal to that brand will always purchase their products. Just like how different brands of cars sell differently in volume.  Ford sells X amounts more than Mercs but do Mercedes give a pigs shit? I...
Finally I can unlock my gf's iPhone when she's in deep sleep (Hold her thumb over her iPhone)
$6.9 Billion USD profit in 3 months = WIN!
Man these colors are well trippy!
Looks like the clock icon may be dynamic this time around
  I just bought the app too after reading the article.  The B&W effects are really nice but I agree it is not stable. I'm running it on my 4S too, no crashes but loading the camera roll up within the app is really slow (not sure if its due to my 5000 photos already stored on there).  The real time filtering also slows things down a bit in the viewfinder.  Hope they can optimize the app as there is some potential if not a novelty.
It's interesting to know that all the job creation, economic impacts, tax revenues for local governments and overall benefits as stated in the article above all comes down to the success of the next generation of products being churned out by Tim Cook and his A-Team. Really lookin forward to WWDC 2013! I sure hope Apple bring their A game.
  I understand your point regarding Machining and QC, will have to wait to see if they really do release a low cost phone. I for one would sacrifice the materiality of the Aluminum build and buy a low cost iPhone ONLY IF the technology, specs and functionality was not reduced in any way. The reason being Ive always had a plastic protective case on the back of my iPhone anyway...the gorgeous diamond cut chamfered edges rarely see the light of day on my iPhone 5.
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