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They looked more like something Dell would make and I thought Dell did it better before they fire Steven. I liked Steven, even though I hate Dell lol..
Sounds like a Mifi would be a good option for you.
Someone help me out with this.. I get the US carriers subsidize the phones and thats the reason for the high cost of a two year contract. What I don't get is why don't the costs go down once the two years are up and the phone is paid for? Or why is it the same cost per month to bring your own off contract phone? Seems your paying the same if you have a subsidize phone or not, minus any contract or ETF fees since you can drop service at anytime.    
LOL, I'm with you on that one..
Not to mention the cable companies will pull an AT&T.. blame all the network hogging on an Apple device and make an even bigger push to take home broadband to tiered pricing.
Publishers take note. If you want to get away with Collusion, follow AT&T and Verizon's example.
Great tool for writers to! Visiting cities and checking out locations without actually going there. 
Google was Samsung's saving grace. Anyone remember Samsungs first iPhone knock off attempt --the  Samsung Instinct? *shudders*
I agree. Most of us know we can get by without a cell phone plan. The cell companies force us to take one then gives us less data for MORE money. If people pay it they will charge it. Right now I'm on my iPad, 1gb for 20 bucks and I just make calls on that through Skype when I'm out. Ditched my cell phone and saved myself 80-100 bucks a month. These new pricing plans are just a rip off as well as the old one unless you have unlimited data.
  You said there was no proof that Amazon showed the prices were set by publishers. I showed you that wasn't true. No comment on that?   You say Amazon agreed to the publishers terms. Ok and if they hadn't agreed to them? Do you think they would have had access to those books? Amazon also has customers to answer to whom they sold Kindles to. I don't see where Amazon had much of a choice but to accept.   America in bad shape over 5 bucks? Really? So if I'm not in bad...
New Posts  All Forums: