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  Steve Jobs [Kindle Edition] Walter Isaacson (Author) 4.3 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1,432 customer reviews) | Like(1,497) Print List Price: $35.00 Kindle Price: $14.99 includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet You Save: $20.01 (57%) Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc   This price was set by the publisher     There it is right there. Amazon letting you know that the...
Look I love Apple like most on this board. I own and iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and a MacBook white. But I'm also an ebook buyer and I am paying a lot more for ebooks then I use to. If you don't buy a lot of books then you won't notice. Steve Job's Bio, for instance was around 17 dollars.. if the wholesale model was still in place it would have been 9.99. A book I bought right before the agency model kicked in was 9.99 and jumped to 16.99 when the hardcover was 14.99.    I...
Which would prove the price went up, even though random house isn't apart of the lawsuit for the 100th time..
Same for me, with a note that the priced was fixed, *coughs* set by the publisher.
Heck a book I paid 9.99 for jumped to 16.99 after this agency model went into place.  Comparing what Random house does when they didn't even want to join the Agnecy model, but it was the only way to get into the ibook store-- is silly. Besides, they aren't a part of the doj's claims.
Those are Random House books. Random House was the only publisher of the big six that ''at first'' refuse to join the agency pricing model. They did later join and got into iBooks after they did. But its because they were against it in the beginning that they aren't a part of this lawsuit. 
If you bought ebooks you wouldn't have to keep asking people who do to provide you with proof. The publishers themselves said they make LESS with this model, not more.   The publisher now, does set the prices, not amazon. They took amazon's control away to sell prices. Note, I said now.   Under the old wholesale model, the publisher set a whole sale price for a book. Amazon, paid what the publisher asked for then sold it for whatever price they wanted.   This isn't about...
Not sure how I'm wrong. Amazon paid the publisher the price they asked for, then set their own pricing.Now the publisher has a ebook set at 14.00 dollars while it's paperback version is under ten. That's a big difference and hardly matches the quote of the consumer paying just a little bit more.
I'm with Myapplelove on everything. I've been buying ebooks for years, and the price hikes of the big six is the problem. I was about to buy an ebook for a 2001 book seen http://amzn.to/KSfegJ The paper back is 9.44 but the ebook version is 13.99. Why would anyone want to pay that big of a price difference? Amazon is also kind enough to let you know the publisher set this ridulous price. Amazon wasn't the only one discounting, fictionwise also had a very nice discount...
As a iPad owner, and a amazon customer. I'm not seeing how Apples/publisher prices were fair. I've seen hardcovers listed cheaper then ebook. 18 dollars for an ebook is to much. They don't have the same expenses as shipping and storing, and printing a physical book.I'm not saying sell at a loss, but an ebook should never cost more then its hardcover counterpart.
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