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I took my AT&T preorder in to Apple store and exchanged it for the Verizon model. I only use the data plan when I'm out and 250mb was enough to last the month. 5 dollars more for one gig and a hot spot, not to mention images for the high Rez display will probably eat that 250 mb much faster. Very happy with the Verizon plan.
You need to know why Amazon got 70%. The standard break Down was the retailer got 35% and the distributor got 35%. Amazon just happen to be both, retailer and distributor, so it got paid for both rolls, which was the standard at the time.
That made me laugh. I know what you mean though, I use my first gen every day and I skipped Gen 2 in hopes Gen 3 would get the higher res screen. I'm so ready!
Oh I know, I'm just saying, even when they sold them they moaned and whined about how it was all the data users that made their network suck. They will sell whatever gets them money, but they don't want you to use it. Remember the iPad offer, unlimited data for 30 a month that lasted a month or two.. Classic AT&T.. Truthfully, I think its their plan to make people want to get the 3gig plan since its the same price. Then when 4g is everywhere, everyone will reach their...
Or AT&T can stop selling plans that they don't want you to use it. They want your money, but they don't actually want you to use any data.. They force people into data plans that don't need them.. whatever it takes to milk everyone of more money.
That sounds like what Amazon is doing with Kindle Fire and their future tablet line..
I think 4'' would be a good size. If they make one then I will get rid of my Samsung. Samsung makes nice screens, thats what suckered me in.. however if they give you a year of updates your lucky.. They may sell a lot of phones but its the repeat customers they should be worrying about.
I couldn't agree with you more. I have a Galaxy phone and I will never buy another Samsung Phone again after this one.
Can't wait! Retina display, here I come.
That's good cell plans are down but the data plan for iPhone is crippled and still 30 a month. I think my highest usage has been less then 300mb a month and thats on the very high end. Its very annoying to want to use a App and you get a message that says something like the App can't be used, no wifi detected. Yea? Well what is my 30 dollar a month data plan for?
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