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Only if the app you're running has a vulnerability.
A lot of motion work is done on the graphics card.
drumsticks is right, you get 100% per CPU. Pokerroom's java client was probably the culprit.
If you could get an old 1.8 and a 6800GT on the side, that'd be your best bet.
Mine is fine. I wasn't running full screen, and I have two monitors hooked up.
Probably the same in 2D, since they both have 256MB memory. The only difference will be in 3D performance, because of the reduced clock speeds.
Finally got mine. Installation was ok, except I kept dropping those little screws into the case while putting them back in. Also, my card was slightly warped. The fan is louder than I expected it to me. It's very noticeable even though my computer is underneath my desk. On the other hand, it seems to preform really well, and I like having my dual displays back.
configure to order
No, Steve said first half, ie, June
The problem is that cards need to be modified to speak to the Mac's OpenFirmware, a non-trivial task.
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