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hi there, The DTT is for freeview chanels only and not subscription like Top-up TV. The amount of these Free to air channels depends on your country, For example in the UK there currently 30 Free to air channels available, you get more such as Euro sport and discovery by using Top up TV or a Digital provider like Sky and cable. From your sig i see your from belgium and have found this link to get you started.
If your looking into making a PVR, You want to check out mythTV havent set this up myself so can't comment on how easy it is As for ssh it really is quite easy, just run sshd on the server to setup the key and make sure sshd starts at runlevel. I think on SuSE it starts automagically whereas on gentoo you have to add it manually. Connecting is then a simple case of opening a term and typing sshd user@192.168.08. User being the username you set the key up on the server...
Step away from the knife Gene!! Just step a way!! As for reminding me of movies, It reminds me more of texas chainsaw the remake Breathe Gene, Breathe
I couldn't take it anymore, windows has to go Back on me mac mini, with beautiful OS X. things just fall into place on this OS it's like the equilibrium of windows and linux/unix. I think me p4 is going in one of my server cases running gentoo as a file & print server with X11 forwarding, Use me mini for music and web and have me dual G4 for iphoto. Gotta sell some stuff on Ebay
Battlestar is on the PS2, a really nice game. Ok, i've done it, I've axed gentoo and put on XP As for anti-virus goes i use this Does the job, bloody fast, and it's free. So why did i get rid of gentoo? Because as a desktop it's too buggy and unpolished, that goes for all the WM's out there. As a console/server it's the dog's bollox Give me a week and OS X will be back i'm sure
It is a very nice case indeed which i believe was designed by some car designer. When i ordered it, I put in for a red one, which looks awesome, but somehow ended up with a green one The bottom vents are'nt too bad what is annoying though is the 4 USB2 and headphone ports at the front are recessed too far in, So if you have got big hands, It's a bitch to access. Confession time: After taking that pic, i couldn't stop thinking about it running again, mainly a CS:S fix...
Don't you think you should be talking to some sort of professional gene?
This is a nice case i currently own that i have lying around in the spare junk room In it is a 3 gig prescot, 1 gig ram, 300 gb HD and a 6600 GT O/C
Nice pic sunny me boy Anychance of a linky to the source o that pic 8)
You can thank safari's spell check for the removal of the I What i tend to say whenever i get into a heated slanging match over this is "England invented english, So we know how our words are pronounced, That's why it's called English!!!" The above comments are meant solely as jest (Joke). These comments should not be taken seriously and i shall not be liable for any flame, Terrorist or economic wars, That some people may feel inclined to start This thread should not be...
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