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I wonder if shortages generated by Chinese demand will impact the December build for a Verizon iPhone. Apple may have to put that on a back burner if they want to keep the Chinese happy. The iPad is already tearing up global net book and laptop manufacturing as parts are being diverted to what the consumer really wants and is willing to pay for. If nothing else Apple has created significant turmoil among electronic manufacturers this year.
Why are these criminal rings always stealing Apple? Why aren't there any Android theft rings?
Chrome will have to replace Android sooner than later. Google is already clearly shifting attention to Chrome. Android is probably going to be killed by Google if they loose to Oracle's lawsuits.
Thou needs to dig a little deeper. :>)If you want them they can be had without paying with the possible exception of Murdoch's dismissible newspaper property.I get a custom combination of newspapers in newspaper format each day for the iPad and the Mac. If one did not own a versatile iPad it is conceivable with a laser printer and reams of paper one could print their own newspaper each day to carry around. I just read my paper in iBooks and the daily comics in NewRack...
An iPad with the right applications does not need a computer for anything other than making backups with iTunes. You do back up your digital devices, don't you? Apps can download data directly from the Internet and sync the results back if needed. If you read the news, you will see that Apple is readying two more smaller iPads which will obviously be cheaper too. I think they will drop these as soon as a few iPad wannabes are released by Microsoft or Android vendors. That...
Android phones aside from looking and feeling clunky compared to the iPhone 4 are a dime a dozen now. Verizon I see is now offering to let customers bail from the HTC Droid Incredible to the Motorola Droid X without a penalty. I have yet to see anybody lining up to buy them at the Verizon store like the lines at AT&T for the iPhone. Sprint/Clear stores look like retirement centers for the MayTag repairmen. What a lonely job to be a Sprint employee.
Android, continuously eating up limited power reserves and wasting CPU cycles on a resource limited mobile platform. Is any Android mobile device permanently hooked up to the Hoover Dam?
Could this be a key reason Apple product hold their value for so long? Apple uses new concepts that when they eventually become mainstream have already been found to have been on the Apple product for years.
Do you really think it needs a screen protector? IMHO these do more damage to an Apple product than they help because of the high tech nature of the glass used. I have had three Apple iPhones and no problem without a screen protector while older devices didn't last for a couple of hours before showing damage from light scratches. This experience is beyond phones but covers other devices related to ham radio and hand held PDAs too. My biggest fear other than dropping it...
WOW they charge $40 for 250 MB MiFi data compared to AT&T charging $15 for 250 MB data on the iPad? iPad 3G is not locked into any contract with AT&T, so you can turn it off if you don't need it and back on when you do, does that match MiFi options? Did you know MiFi is among the world's easiest network components to be taken over by a hacker? MiFi out of box security = FAIL People need to lock those things down immediately or see their identity, their finances, their...
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