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Can you delete a custom watch face?
"There's no AI story that's so critical to your life that it can't wait to the next time you have your phone or PC out." Thus spake @proline, and they were all amazed at his teaching.
I know that's meant to be insulting, but it's underscoring the *perception* of some folks: all for me, some for thee. The people who are uncomfortable about the spectacle of Apple traipsing after celebrities doesn't mean they are juvenile or just plain jealous, and are going to run to some other platform: it's the perception that makes diehards squirm, something that seems relatively new. Might be misplaced, might not: I have no idea anymore than you do. Perhaps not the...
Until Samsung comes out with a smartwatch commercial billing theirs as a "watch for the rest of us." That will just under the skin of Apple fanboys as a personal insult and boil the blood. At that point, will one react by saying that Samsung is just "jealous" because celebrities aren't wearing their watch?
Highly original, Madame.
I'm not one of those people who stares at a WWDC logo and tries to divine what new things might be announced, or writes blog entries about hidden clues in keynote announcements. But I can certainly psychoanalyze myself: something just feels vaguely uncomfortable. A hunch, woman's intuition, I don't know, but it's there. And it seems like I'm not the only one, but I'm not drawing a conclusion from it. It just *feels* different, and not in an agreeable way.
Most definitely, especially given the fact that it's not the public who can get these watches, it's only rich people. No one will be able to go into a store on 24 April and get one. Or the following week. Physical inventories not until June; order through the website and just hurry up and wait? Even people who take their cues from celebrities are not going to be happy that Apple is getting free publicity: they will just know they can't get one, but Those Others are well...
I suppose that what he is saying is there isn't an emotional connection anymore. Once you've hung out with the cool crowd, you don't come back. Apple may make its money (and we're limiting this to the watch here) from $349 Sport models, but that's a means to an end, and that end does not include you or I being their most important constituent. I mean, who would you rather hang out with?
No, I noticed that, too. Plus the bottom of the band does not appear completely flush with the watch. Excuse me, Watch.
But Apple has always cultivated a "for the rest of us" mentality, so it's not too hard to see how some folks might feel put off by this not-so-sublte shift. Although no one cares what I think, I've been nagged by this sense of elitism and "not for us after all" change in tone. Maybe it is just because of the pursuit of the fasion world (which is mind-numbingly vapid) or what not, but it's not difficult to be sympathetic for those who feel put off.
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