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The masters are happy! The masters are happy!
Not that it's gone unnoticed, but this does nothing to help the idea of bringing manufacturing back to the US. If this company is any indication (a con job based on a superficial reading of the facts so far), why would any outfit like Apple or the others be willing to have components made in America? Not to mention the tax incentives the state of Arizona gave to lure the investment and building of the plant which, what, is presumably going to just sit there while employees...
You mean teens' *parents*.
Problem with that is they will take it out on Main Street who eventually will have to bail them out. Again.
I'm sure next year's models will be prefaced by the techie boyz with "After the embarrassing debacle of easily bent iPhone 6 Plus phones..." Because manufactroversies always stick in peoples' minds.
Et pas jouer ?
 This is America! As long as we can sue someone, we ain't got need need for common sense.
I found this on Fleksy's website, although it refers to Android devices: You may encounter a warning message when installing our application on your Android device that says Fleksy may be able to collect "all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers"´╗┐. This alert appears whenever any third-party input method is enabled. Fleksy is designed NOT to receive or log such sensitive data.
I already know about that group. So it's not exactly secret if people know about it. There are other ways of learning about things rather than blithely complaining about "the mainstream media", which we both know is a dog whistle. And why not just say what you need to say here, rather than insisting I "edumicate" myself? What's the connection between him, this group and this phone?
And your point is.....?
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