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That will be the Apple TV Edition.
I get the impression his middle finger was airbrushed out of the photo.
Um your pithy #1 suggests otherwise.
 In other words, perfect for *you* from the very outset. The proverbial grand slam with little effort. I don't mean to be facetious, but it seems that analyst expectations (often derided) seem to quietly mirror techie boy expectations, minus the self-awareness. 
The Commission needs to take a page of out the playbook of American politicians with Benghazi and have at least four more inquiries.
I hope they invite Drake back to talk about both of these products.
Impulse buying. 
And we're ALL tied to it.
Yes, because it's like that: spoiled children. Must have given you a special rush of excitement with the now well-known photo of a Greek pensioner slumped outside a bank, crying at the whole situation and his inability to withdraw money for his wife. Because 5 years of austerity for the Greeks to a comfortable, upper middle class person in America can only be satisfied with petty vindictiveness, and phony pious outrage.You people have very little decency left, and are...
You forgot to stamp your little feet in self-righteous indignation. Why does everyone who has nothing to lose always demand everything from those who do? Oh yes, I forgot: the "you deserve it" streak that is defining aspect of American society.
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