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Oh no, that's too logical, because the Canadian authorities will protect carriers like Rogers and go after the American business as a sign of saying "We're doing something!" Sometimes it seems these legal maneuvers are attempts to get access to documents that otherwise they would not be able to view than anything else.
Re: Seth Rogan Indeed, they'll have to craft in a dope smoking scene to accommodate him.
You forgot to stamp your little feet.
Finally, no more trips to Radio Shack for my ghost hunting equipment!
Please, please, tell me you're being ironic.
Exactly, Puppies are so commonplace, you know? Apple feasts on stem-cell fajitas.
"Nice store you got there. Would be a shame if sometin' happened to it."
To be followed by: Apple has lost its mojo, no longer innovates and is dying on the vine.
The masters are happy! The masters are happy!
Not that it's gone unnoticed, but this does nothing to help the idea of bringing manufacturing back to the US. If this company is any indication (a con job based on a superficial reading of the facts so far), why would any outfit like Apple or the others be willing to have components made in America? Not to mention the tax incentives the state of Arizona gave to lure the investment and building of the plant which, what, is presumably going to just sit there while employees...
New Posts  All Forums: