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But that brings up something another commenter made: why would one want to wear something that looks "broken"? We both know this is a "smart watch", and the screen comes on when you lift it, but how does it appear wearing a watch with a blank screen? It's highly subjective, of course, and I wonder if the "luxury" part of its look is an answer to that, but still...
If you can work in the Knights Templar and the RAND Corporation, I'll subscribe to your newsletter today.
You forgot to stamp your little feet.
Question is, can thieves, sorry *hackers* wait that long for their home invasion sprees?
Oh, the "We did it first" ad from Samsung is on its way....
"This is rather perverse but all too common. I'm sure you'll find many similar cases from the 2008 financial crash where the architects of the crisis were granted bonuses despite their supreme ineptitude and lack of performance." And the best part: regulations for those were just signed away....
 To the level of wailing and gnashing of teeth as if it's the worst thing that could ever befall Western civilization? One would hope not but they bib-dribble and spoon-clang anyway.
"It was a sad example of how rock stars are clearly out of touch with the general public."   And also a sad example of well-fed suburbanites complaining that they got something for free.
Oh no, that's too logical, because the Canadian authorities will protect carriers like Rogers and go after the American business as a sign of saying "We're doing something!" Sometimes it seems these legal maneuvers are attempts to get access to documents that otherwise they would not be able to view than anything else.
Re: Seth Rogan Indeed, they'll have to craft in a dope smoking scene to accommodate him.
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