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Oldest trick in the book! Burning it down for the insurance money!
Don't you and your UBS buddies have some money laundering to terrorist organizations that need attention, rather than commenting on a techie site?P.S. You forgot to stamp your little feet.
"...they believe money is the main sticking point..."   Well, *this* is truly unexpected!
So instead of calling it a pre-order, it should be labelled "a retailing science experiment." I think I'm non nonplussed by the dissembling at this point.Apple Watch Debut II: This Time, We Really Mean It.
So we have two things: his "rage cancel" rant vs your smug, condescending manner. 
This is a *bit* disingenuous. People were told that this was not only a new product, but a whole new retail experience. As that hasn't panned out, there's scores of people who trot out the "well, look at these other delays." That's a red herring. It doesn't matter how long someone waited for a Wallstreet PowerBook G3 or their iPhone 6. What I'm hearing is, "you have yourself to blame, it's just like other product launches, so be quiet" when that was *not* the impression...
I'm fairly certain he was being facetious. 
Don't forget your arm floaties!
Are you new to Earth? This has been going on for quite some time now. This "blow" to the collection program is largely symbolic, given that its provision is due to expire in a few weeks and the reason why the court didn't stop it. You're in the wrong place if you're that bothered by it because no one here has any power or influence to change it or prevent it from being renewed.
What is this, planet Cornball?
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