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I already know about that group. So it's not exactly secret if people know about it. There are other ways of learning about things rather than blithely complaining about "the mainstream media", which we both know is a dog whistle. And why not just say what you need to say here, rather than insisting I "edumicate" myself? What's the connection between him, this group and this phone?
And your point is.....?
Bilderberger? Here I was thinking he was one of the Knights Templar. Or a Rosicrucian.
If Apple's watch does not have a black bar at the bottom of its screen, then it will fail miserably.
Wow, you showed them @djsherly.
That screen shot could pretty much he on any liberal website.
The suspense is killing me! I hope it will last.
And if they don't: Apple isn't innovative; Apple falls behind...AGAIN; Steve Jobs would never have....
Because an "always on" economy applies strictly to Adobe, right? And all of your other Internet services have been an uninterrupted paradise? Or again, is this just related to Adobe? (No, I don't work for them).   Why does one get the impression that those bib-dribbling and spoon-clanging "I will never pay for this stupid service!!!" are the same ones who endlessly complained about how Adobe is ripping them off "forcing" them to pay for a new stand-alone suite of...
How *do* you manage to survive in such an unjust First World society? A story like this has never been told....
New Posts  All Forums: