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What? No heavy analysis of the artwork? The bat wings? A swing at Motorola? An homage to Mothman? The rocket head looking thing right under the logo? I need meta-meta commentary!
Best annual $3 billion of your taxpayer dollars. 
"...the first woman to be featured wearing Apple Watch on a U.S. magazine cover." Makes that Sally Ride thing seem totally inconsequential.
Maybe they won't need a taxpayer bailout.
No, no, no, you're ruining the narrative! It *must* have the Mother of All Sales the first week or it's an unmitigated failure. 
"why your infatuation with Discover?"   Why the smear campaign????? (just kidding).
"Nope this Mac user doesn't use iCloud for Emails, I'm too private and secure for that." And perfect and odor free as well.
But you'll be among the first to sue for compensation and demand people get fired for "not doing their job' when it does occur. Hopefully not.
They *all* still have their jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: