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He's dead.
It's "The Zionist Entity." Minus five points on your leftie klub kard.
I wonder if Lynerd Skynerd won't be on Apple Music, or any band that's ever had the Confederate flag on an album cover?
They're mostly at ThinkProgress and Salon.
 That's precisely it. Along with blog entries about a singer's "new-found power." And people do love power.
And when you have zero standards, you can go ahead and admire them because hey, they're somebody's hero! So, it's really not for us to judge them by the cutting-off-people's-heads-with-a-small-knife videos. They just have "different goals."
Well, congratulations, now you sound like your right-wing enemies: everything is a false flag operation, everyone is always lying. Please tell us how the government was behind Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing.BTW, Congress is not revoking **anything.** They're discontinuing the mass phone data collection. Has nothing to do with anything else.
The data collection *was not unlawful.* You people need to get that straight. Disliking it and wanting it stopped is one thing; throiwng out the lie that it was illegal is quite another.
There was no conspiracy: he did not reveal anything that was illegal or some form of corruption hidden from anybody. He stole information; he lied to his co-workers, his friends, and he hightailed to China before settling in Russia, a country that he said had more freedoms than the U.S.The do-nothing people of the world love to trot out living in Nazi state. Absolutely pathetic, but expected from the soft, upper-middle class who have done NOTHING for their country but...
Snowden revealed nothing illegal, exposed no corruption. None of the NSA work was unconstitutional, and that is why it is, after having been made public, still ongoing. All he did was cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars while setting back out intelligence agencies. "Citizenfour" is a propaganda movie; how one fails to recognize this is surprising. He is a thief who lied to his co-workers and violated their trust, then took off to to China. He also took it upon...
New Posts  All Forums: