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Yes, because it's like that: spoiled children. Must have given you a special rush of excitement with the now well-known photo of a Greek pensioner slumped outside a bank, crying at the whole situation and his inability to withdraw money for his wife. Because 5 years of austerity for the Greeks to a comfortable, upper middle class person in America can only be satisfied with petty vindictiveness, and phony pious outrage.You people have very little decency left, and are...
You forgot to stamp your little feet in self-righteous indignation. Why does everyone who has nothing to lose always demand everything from those who do? Oh yes, I forgot: the "you deserve it" streak that is defining aspect of American society.
That's how he'll get to collect *two* paychecks!
So, what happens to Newsstand? Does it become a folder with the apps inside shunted to the side after the system is upgraded? I know the answer has been listed somehwere, I just cannot seem to find it.
 Theft. Always the first refuge of the cheapskates we call "techie boyz."
He's dead.
It's "The Zionist Entity." Minus five points on your leftie klub kard.
I wonder if Lynerd Skynerd won't be on Apple Music, or any band that's ever had the Confederate flag on an album cover?
They're mostly at ThinkProgress and Salon.
 That's precisely it. Along with blog entries about a singer's "new-found power." And people do love power.
New Posts  All Forums: