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I believe the Latin term for that is: shakedown.
Interestingly, people in the West seem to forget that the Crusades ultimately failed. The Crusader presence lasted only two centuries, during which numerous treaties with Muslims were conducted, especially when they were fighting other Muslims. And while everyone remembers "Deus lo volt!", the Crusaders were *never* expansionist attempts to conquer Muslims and force everyone to convert, but to take back specific territory that had fallen to the Muslims, i.e., no one was...
That is an *excellent* question, actually, becuase (on a serious note) it's been a point of contention for a long time among groups and thinkers who have essentially asked the same thing: can we use certain aspects of the West in order to resist the West? The general answer is that is *is* okay for the purposes of resistance, and certainly realpolitik plays into that as well.The rest of us merely call it for what it is: hypocrisy.(I'm trying to be diplomatic when I use the...
Like the G4 Cube, right? Or the "Yikes!" motherboard? No problems, ever!
Oh, you'd still find something to complain about.
Stop, you're ruining the Narrative of Productivity(tm) as told by very important and super-productive people.
One has to wonder, though, how many angry people here defending Apple were cheering The Guardian on when they ran stories about super thief Edward Snowden. Completely different topics, to be sure, but it is not *that* unreasonable, given the proclivities of techie guys, to defend passionately a company they like while not bothering to defend their own country, even if it was bitter pill to do so.
There is no such thing as bad press, unless they spell your name wrong. And in the case of the former, this very long blog entry goes very far to giving him what he wants: publicity. Not that one is unsympathetic to the urge to correct the record, of course. 
"Also, I'd appreciate a hell of a lot more focus from Tim on Apple products, since it looks like more than just a few of us have been disappointed or surprised by recent decisions or product releases that have not met or exceeded expectations." Apple's quarterly results do not seem to bear out that disappointment by recent decisions or product releases.
I wonder why they would need to run the full version of Photoshop. Isn't that meme generator a free tool?All these constant "productivity" claims makes me think that techie boyz are probably 4,000% less produtive outside of comment sections than they imagine.
New Posts  All Forums: