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I thought it was "sauce for the goose," not the gander. And besides, is this guy an expert witness at the trial? No? Then who gives a damn?
You're ruining the narrative of outraged geeks who are spoon-clanging in freedom-loving rage.
"I use my StarBucks on my iPhone everyday and will stop going to StarBucks shops till end of Feb to show my objections to their complacency to the security of their customers." I'm sure Starbucks will die of embarrassment.
You two forgot to stamp your little feet.
Everyone knows that in this country, when proven incorrect, one "doubles down". Expect that and more in 2014.
"Jeez I am sick of AI crashing on an iPad, this a new iPad Air, I hoped it would end when I upgraded from my last iPad. But no! " Take your complaints to Apple. AI has nothing to do with the garbage that is mobile Safari under iOS 7.
Here's a tip: why not ask them directly? Because bib-dribbling about it in a comment forum isn't going to solve much.
Does this one have the long-awaited duet with Edward Snowden?
Too bad none of the legal geniuses here can cite chapter and verse of the judge's alleged judicial malfeasance. Because that would really go a long way to elucidating the topic of her "consulting for Samsung".
Yeah, that will show them. In a year or so.
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