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well i think its safe to say that anyone who uses the kindle app will want to keep their purchases. so it's likely that they'll keep it there. I couldn't see apple letting their programs being available for the kindle. They've never much liked sharing their software.
@ArticulatedArm for all we know that could be exactly what we're getting.
It does nothing to toast my eggo
the tablets like apple's Area 51. The most famous thing that doesn't exist. the odd thing is despite my inability to see how this "rumored" product would be useful, i'm still expecting to be won by it once it's presented
D: gasp!
I think that would just make it super susceptible to being dropped a lot.
i think apple's true impact on the world started in '01 with the iPod. It's because of them that entertainment media has been making the shift into the digital age. agreed the iphone was huge. i just dont think it was quite the dominating force that the ipod has proven to be. Anyway, the chances of hype bringing disappointment are inevitable, but i think we can all rest assured that if there is one company that knows how to change the world, its Apple. Im pretty sure that...
10 finger gestures on a ten inch high def screen. hm.....
for 600 to 800 bucks? when an iPod touch would cost half that and give the same results?
Apple unveils a new product that creates world peace, cures both aids and cancer, raises Nikola Tesla from the grave, and makes it so the tin foil covers on jello cups dont get stuck to the sides causing them to rip in half all annoying like. Gonna be a good day.
New Posts  All Forums: