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I would love to be able to upgrade my imac2, even if it meant having to take it to an authorized apple tech to do it. Do I need a faster machine? Not really. So I prolly wont get a new iMac unless its really great. Would I upgrade my current iMac even though its not really needed? Yes, yes I would. I like new bells and whistles as much as the next guy, plus I can sneak an upgrade by my wife pretty easy but if she sits down to use it and its a new machine I'll prolly spend...
Why don't they just use something like a Peltier device to get the heat away from the cpu into a heat sink and then use a small fan to disperse it? You could even use more peltier devices to move heat around to other heat sinks dispersing it even more and not have just 1 big heat sink but several small ones that can be cooled easily.
Thanks Tonton, so simple, I should have thought of that!
Tried converting songs bought from iTunes music store to mp3 and it won't let me \
Does anyone know of a music player for palm that supports the ACC format used in iTunes? I don't really have enough music to justify buying an iPod but I would like to play some of the songs I have bought off iTunes music store on my Palm Tungsten T2.
Hi all, ok what I want to do is get the pppd running so I can dialup to my mac. I'm on an 800mghz iMac connected via ethernet to a router which is connected to a DSL modem. I use the router because it keeps my dsl line open all the time so that I keep the same ip and it has a built in firewall. Any help would be most appreciated. Elric
There is a work around for png files on microsofts site. Its annoying when they don't build support for png transparencies into their newest browser. Both 5 and 6 will display it with a grey background and the workaround is a pain also... good luck
Ok I believe if I put an applescript into /Library/StartupItems that it will do what I am looking for, but how do you execute a unix command from an applescript?
Hi all, I have an lpmud (a text based adventure game) that I want to start up when my iMac starts up. (800mghz flat panel osx 10.2.6) Can anyone give me some step by step instructions?
I use pico for terminal coding. I find it easier to use than vi.
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