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Pointless article. Apple have NEVER engaged in the numbers game.
Screen resolutions over 350ppi are utterly pointless. If 300dpi is high enough for professional print... Magazines, books, posters etc then it's high enough for a screen. Over that is a bonus but I think the human eye would be hard pushed to see individual pixels. The numbers game will quickly become pointless in this arena.
Who wrote this article?! Stem? It's not the stem, the apple logo has no stem, the design features the leaf from the apple logo.
 Well, its most of my friends and colleagues.  All on iOS7 on 4, 4S and 5 - thirty people, all experiencing. Don't know anyone on iOS7 without these issues, Apple have admitted the issue.  It's more than "a fraction of a percent"...
This is more than a fraction of a percent of users. Every single ios7 user I know is experiencing this issue.
 No, this feature was not in the demonstration or mentioned.  Apple TV was barely mentioned at all.
Why do people find this so difficult to understand. Maybe the article is really badly written.I buy iron man three, but it isn't on my iPhone. I visit a friend with an Apple TV.Without having to download the movie to my phone, I am able to authorise the movie to stream from iTunes to the Apple TV using an authorisation sent from my iPhone to my friends Apple TV. They don't have to log in as me, but because my iOS device is seen by the Apple TV, the movie can be watched as...
Where does it say anything about the same network. Read it again. Great idea. At a friends house, own a movie but don't have it on your device? No worries, just tell the Apple TV to stream it from apples servers to your friends Apple TV with no need for them to log in as you.
Fake. The 'iPhone' font is wrong, it's the light variant, just compare it to the other two shells. Also, agree with the other posters, what consumer device doesn't scratch when stabbed with a pocket knife? People need to learn to take care of their things and take responsibility for damage that they cause to their own products.
So you want a 4k monitor and then a built in device that requires constant firmware updates and can't take advantage of the full resolution?Blu ray isn't dead, but it's dying. Already there in bargain buckets, 3 for £20. Physical media has maybe two or three years, and even then on SD cards, only telecom companies holding this back with poor infrastructure and stupid restrictions.Ask anyone under 21 how they consume their media. Some like vinyl, none buy CDs, DVDs or BluRay.
New Posts  All Forums: