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It won't touch Apple TV sales. This device is nothing like Apple TV and lacks most of apple tv's selling points. Mainly airplay. Also the lack of wired connection is a big downside. If I can't airplay from my devices, mirror my ipad screen (or even use as an additional monitor with separate content in mavericks) then it isn't an Apple TV competitor.This device will have disappeared within the year as another failed attempt by google.
Wow. Have you ever used an Apple TV? You can use your iPad or iPhone as a touch remote. Have been for a loooonnnngggg time. You can also pair a blue tooth keyboard. You are either being deliberately disingenuous or need to RTFM.
So... Netflix 'free' for three months. Well, that's just the standard free trial available to all new customers. Airplay? Nope. You can't stream the content stored on your device to this device, it downloads media from the net and streams, and only does so wirelessly... No Ethernet connection for a better quality/faster connection. Either I'm missing something or this thing isn't even pretending to be Apple TV. It's a dongle that puts limited content from the Internet...
One day transfer rates may be faster. Lol, yup. But that day is not now, and I can't remember the last time I connected my ipad or phone via a cable for the purposes of data transfer. But the lighting connector can do so much more and the pins dynamically assigned using software, so it's a clear winner and has obvious advantages of the USB 'standard'.
What is the point in having a data transfer rate faster than the speed at which the device can read/write? Just creates a bottle neck. USB2 speeds are already faster than the ipad can physically transfer the data. Making your comment pointless.
Every other report of this (9to5 Mac etc) Basically has this woman using a plugged in iPhone in the bathroom. Seriously humanity, get a grip. Everything isn't a technical fault nor a reason for litigation. Sometimes people just make mistakes.
This woman deserves a Darwin Award. She got out of the bath and got hold of an electric device plugged into the mains? Seriously? That's not a design flaw, it's an act of stupidity. An unfortunate accident definitely, and a sad loss for her friends and family, but no technological issue here, a biological one!
There is already a keyboard function, both through the remote app and the ability to pair Bluetooth keyboards. I agree re. iPlayer.
If you had used the dreamweaver CC software, and were familiar with dreamweaver, you would know what was missing rather than blindly defending it.All database connectivity wizards are gone, no more insert/uodate/delete wizards, by default the bindings, database and server behaviors panels are removed. There is now a work around as adobe realised very quickly they had made a mistake and furiously back pedalled. However, if you bring the panels back, it causes huge issues...
You clearly don't develop data driven websites in dreamweaver or use fireworks then...
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