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Dreamweaver CC is a trainwreck. Removing if and sticking with CS6 while I find a non-adobe replacement. I didn't object to the new payment, or the cloud, but removing the main features that mad the software usable is unforgivable. Bye Adobe,
Well if you can afford the extra fifty then go for it, this is for people who can't.
I don't believe that at all, nor did I say it. Don't misquote me.
  Yup, that would make sense.  Reduce features rather than build quality to reduce cost.  If you want cheap/entry level, then you get what you pay for.
Lol, so as a busy stall holder/shopkeeper you want to hand your unlocked iPhone to a member of the public on the other side of the counter. Genius comment. This looks like a traditional chip and pin device and is more likely to be trusted by a customer. I'd never enter my PIN number into a stranger's phone.It's not all about slim and sexy.
Not really. These models are less expensive and available on cheaper plans - it's all about affordability.
Why do you need flash for YouTube?
I too have installed every new OS on launch day and never experienced an issue.  The vast majority of users don't and those bugs that have been reported, while unfortunate for those effected have been experienced only by the minority.    Download through official channels, backup, install as instructed, let the installer do the work.  Don't tinker, don't repair permissions, or move things around or try and be clever, just let the installer do it's work.   Very...
That's entirely the point - Apple have dropped java distribution themselves and no longer support or update it, specifically because of issues like this. They also don't distribute and update flash, shockwave or adobe and microsoft software - third party technologies are the responsibility of third parties.
The lampshade imac was universally derided by critics, the mac community and quickly replaced, it was the shortest lived design, and apart from the articulated neck, the build quality was awful.
New Posts  All Forums: