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Yes, there are. And the height is perfect, just below chest height for thise standing, just above eye height for those in wheel chairs. Frthermore there is a solid metal bar at the bottom of the door.
There are very obvious labels on the glass. This woman is just stupid and should be embarrassed rather than angry.
Care to give one example that wasn't FUD? Every apple device I have ever bought was first generation, day one release. I have never had an issue. And that's going back to 1987. No one I know has ever had an issue. If a tiny minority of people suffer an issue, then this is obviously a bath/manufacture/environmental issue, but a design flaw. Every rechargeable device on the planet can take a bit more charge once it says "100%", always have, always will.
Why would you lose eligibility? You can still install and maintain runtime java, just apple have handed management of this to the developers, it's not managed by apple as part of OS updates, he same as many technologies and database set ups that developers use.
That is hilarious. X11 becomes an optional download for those that need it, and you call it scary? Perspective.
And canada, australia and most of Europe. There is a world outside of the USA, and the market outside of the USA is where Apple makes a majority of it's profit.
pipsqueak company? Are you joking, or are you really that ignorant?
lol, yes of course. A television corporation with more than sixty years history and owner of four channels with over 20 million regular views and various associated production companies, news outlets and web presence should change it's name to accommodate apple's new product?
Nonsense. Just because there are automated procedures and tools available, this is no less an artistic process. Not all digital photographers use photoshop, just as not all film photographers use auto focus. The tools that are available to an artist do not negate the art.
The UK is in Europe, it is a part of it, and a significant founder member of the EU. So one company with three handsets is being outsold be multiple companies with dozens of handsets? The iPhone is the biggest selling phone in the world, it produces more profit than the rest of the mobile phone industry combined. End of story.
New Posts  All Forums: